Adventures in Memeland – 21 March

Some weeks are more active than others. All of the admins are pretty busy with work and life at the moment, but we enjoy putting content out, and we find purpose in exposing the dumb shit your commands do. We jump into the controversial topics head first. The evolution our armed forces are going through right now is pretty damn discussion worthy, so we’ve been hitting the social commentary revolving around uniform changes in the Army, transgenders, the Army Combat Fitness Test and many other topics. My litmus test (and likely PB’s and Jefe’s as well) for determining when to move on from something is just generally when it doesn’t feel right and it’s not something we want to keep harping on. We’ll say what we have to say, then we’ll beat feet off of the objective and keep moving. However, sometimes the topic keeps dragging us back in whether we want to be there or not. Part of being in a public arena is remaining relevant. It doesn’t really do me any good to talk about a topic that people aren’t familiar with or interested in. The subject we can never escape is leadership. It will always be there, good or bad, and the current climate of our armed forces tends to slant heavily towards the cliche “step on heads to get to the top” officer (and NCO anymore; big sad…) who will do or say anything to move up the ladder.

Ol’ CPT Sobel in Band of Brothers as depicted by David Schwimmer.

The irony here is CPT Sobel trained the dudes in Easy Company to be hard as woodpecker lips, but he was an absolute wretched POS who didn’t have a shred of common sense. He easily would have buried that outfit in Germany had he been allowed to actually command them in combat. The leaders we highlight now have neither common sense or the ability to train troops to be hard, though they’re plenty toxic.

1700? Try 2100, shitbag. Now get out of my face.

The big conversation on social media, especially in the milmeme community and the twittersphere, is women and the military. As this topic always goes, there isn’t a unified thesis or topic. It stems around the new uniform regulations, “degraded” (I use that term loosely as the standards aren’t actually degraded, just different) ACFT standards for women, and then of course the pentagon and their heavy handed frontal assault on Tucker Carlson.

If your opinion isn’t the “correct” opinion, then just keep it to yourself. We appreciate a unified echo chamber around here. K, thx….

“We’re going to be apolitical, of course until we’re not, then we’ll justify it with X, Y and Z and run mental gymnastics through the strainer of social media until a coherent argument and unified front begin to form.” – Dudes with stars, probably….

We ended up highlighting this mooseknuckle, and he’s subsequently changed his bio on twitter.


Moving on….

People started getting their stimulus checks this week. There’s never a shortage of memes about privates blowing bonus/backpay on strippers and alcohol, and stimulus checks are no different. My old ass just used it to pay off debt. Que some boomer meme or something.

One of the things I love about this page the most is a platform I started a while back called Publius. I wanted to feature other veterans who love to write, and I settled on Publius as a name which was the pseudonym used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay to write the 85 papers that make up The Federalist. Though the authors are generally given credit on my platform (their choice), the name was an homage to the anonymity it granted our founding fathers to publish a series of papers (The Federalist Papers) that would urge New Yorkers to ratify the proposed constitution in 1787. I’ve been absent from it for a while, but I fired it back up and published a new article this week. It’s something I truly want to build on and grow.


We’ve been asked a number of times this week about coffee mugs. Let me update:

We ordered three of these bad boys for ourselves. A lot of you want them, and we want to get them to you. Our plan was to sell the patches we ordered and use the money to purchase mugs, but the company we went with has been frustratingly slow and poor at communicating, so it’s taken WAY too long to get the patches back. All this to say we’re trying to be patient, but if the patches don’t come soon, we’re just going to mass order the mugs and get this show going. We appreciate your patience. It’s not cool to drop a teaser like we did and leave you all in limbo.

Stay safe this week, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to check on them, get out and enjoy doing the things you love to do (or find a new thing to do), and grab life by the balls (make sure you have consent, first). Much love from Danny, PB and Jefe to you and your family. Cheers!

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