Adventures in Memeland – March 13, 2021

Every week I’d like to break down all of the brilliant (idiotic) content we’ve posted while highlighting the controversies our stalwart group of followers and Memeland adventurers (you) have undertaken with us. So strap in for the ride.

1-41, 2SBCT, 4ID kicked off our first week in Memeland with a poorly worded email that got everyone worked up over the divide in race as it relates to extremism.

Sergeant Major of the Army and 4ID PAO officially lent their voice to this post

We kicked off a questionnaire that garnered hundreds of responses. We asked if anyone had experienced any extremism in the military, and if so, what it was. You all had plenty to say about the matter. Here’s what we discovered. Approximately 85% of you said you’d never experienced extremism, and about 90% of you who HAD, relayed your experience as something racist that took place. That led to the next question, which many of you broached: what is extremism?

Fucking extreme, bro

The DOD has done such a bang-up job of describing what “extremism” is, that no one really knows what it means. Is it racism? Racism that leads to violent action? Groups that want to overthrow the government? Everyone had their own interpretation, and it showed in the messages and comments. Of course a number of you helped us out by posting Army Regulation 600-20. This did absolutely NOTHING to narrow down the definition, so thanks for that; gold star for you. The DOD and current administration have carefully intertwined the media narrative to say extremism is alt-right and white supremacist. ANTIFA and the BLM movement (not the slogan. I feel the need to clarify that before one of you busts a capillary by screaming “RAAACIST!!!” at the top of your lungs…) are clear examples of violence, racism and an anti-government narrative. Apparently they’re good to go though, so whitey is left holding the extremist stick at the end of the fixed game of musical chairs. Ok, moving on….

The Biden administration not only reversed the transgender ban, but they said they’re going to allow people to get their Pee-Pees massacred in the name of combat expediency and let you collect a welfare check while on active duty while receiving elective surgery that in no way enhances the combat readiness of our nation; Cool.

So we put out a few memes (which promptly got zucked), and then we got serious. This is what we wrote:

Transgenderism: I don’t care if you’re transgender, and I fully support you being in the military. I believe it’s a mental disorder, and I refuse to call you a woman if you have a penis and vice versa. I’m sorry you feel trapped in a body you don’t identify with. I have no idea what that feels like. I simply won’t support your mental illness by pretending along with you. I don’t hate you, and you’re welcome to live your life as you see fit. I won’t support you taking opportunities away from girls/women, however. The fact is, you have a biological advantage in sports if you were born with a male body. The testosterone running through your body gives you the ability to grow stronger muscles and be faster and stronger. Why should you get to compete against girls in sports and take away their ability to win championships and earn scholarships? You shouldn’t. My daughter will have a hard enough time in life. This is a man’s world, and we all know it. Women have it better in America than any other time in history, but you’re a fool if you think they don’t have to fight for their place in it harder than men. I refuse to support one more Avenue that undercuts women and creates a world that makes my daughter have to fight that much harder to be successful, and I’m disgusted by anyone who claims rape as a weapon.

We actually wrote that twice, but Zuckerberg and his lizard people said, “no, you will not speak in such a professional and non-hateful way about chicks with dicks.”

Thanks, bud; real cool. Now stop creeping me the fuck out….

Of course we were promptly called hateful people and blah blah; you know, the shit people say when they can’t form a logical thought and immediately resort to flinging feces at you like a horny monkey who literally has no control over their brain to body motor skills.

Aaaaaaand then we jumped off into the March Meme Madness Tournament. Honestly, this should be a bigger deal for us here in Memeland, but I’m more stoked about the money being raised for charity, namely the Hunter 7 Foundation. These folks are doing unbelievable work in the realm of toxic exposure and traumatic brain injury research for veterans. If I can have any small part in helping bring awareness/money to this organization, I’m in 100% every time.

We’re still in the middle of the tournament, but of course the shit-show in Memeland stops for NO ONE, so of course we have more controversy that pops off. Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston visited Fort Rucker and took a ride a-long on one of their illustrious aerial vehicles. PB posted the picture and simply said,

“Here is proof that the stupid helmets we wear are unnecessary. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk”

Well of course everyone shit themselves and went off half-cocked because the SMA wasn’t wearing a helmet (a matter that is CLEARLY waiverable in the regs by the Commanding General of Rucker). So of course everyone thinks this is a double standard and our small little corner of Memeland goes up in a blaze of fire because apparently people have nothing better to do. (I kid; some of you had valid points.) PB ends up putting an edit on the post saying,

I feel the need to clarify, regarding the regulation, that I don’t blame @16th_sma, nor do I care that he’s not wearing anything safety related. My post was saying I hate the helmets. USAACE fucked up with this because, as a standard bearer, you have to know this picture is going to draw heat from errrybody. A place that is so focused on optics, decides to utilize a waiver to let the man fly a helicopter without one piece of 95-1 safety equipment (he is probably wearing ID tags, so I guess I need to point that out) and then not say “Hey SMA, for obvious reasons, probably not the best idea to post this” Just my two cents, but what do I know, I’m just a moron who has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

Then last but not least, Tucker Carlson, a Fox News Pundit, said the following on his show:

“So we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits,” Carlson snarked. “Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the US military.”

What would we be if we didn’t act wounded constantly and survived on our own merits?

I don’t think most people took his comments to be much more than a statement on the priorities and direction of our military and how we’re focusing on everything BUT lethality. Whether you agree with him or not, the dude didn’t say anything ridiculous. However, never let a fake crisis go to waste, amirite?

Many of the top brass jump up and loudly shout about how “amazing our women are” and “you will not besmirch the good cause of maternity flight suits, you scoundrel!”

Nevermind the years of silence as women were harassed, assaulted and murdered at Fort Hood though. I guess that would have actually involved doing something instead of jerking each other off online and virtue signaling with some hashtags and clever write-ups.

Until next week, this is Danny, PB and Jefe wishing you a blessed weekend. Call your friends and family, check on your people, do something good for someone else, and make the world a better place. Salut!

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