NCO Claims He’s Being Pulled From NCOES for NTC but Actually Caught in Solicitation of a Minor

As it often goes with initial information, there is usually much more to the story, and critical details are missing. Such is the case with SGT Richard “Ricky” Everett, an NCO whose screenshots I posted on terminal_cwo who claimed his chain of command was pulling him out of NCOES prematurely to attend NTC (National Training Center).

Facebook forum for NCOs where Ricky posted about his “situation”
Memorandum Ricky posted of the command recalling him from NCOES

A few of our amazing followers were quick to drop a line and let us know all was not what it seemed on the surface. As a couple of rumors floated around as to the real reason Ricky was being recalled to his home station of duty, we decided to let it play out.

Now we know what really took place. Ricky was recalled because he was caught trying to solicit sex from a 15 year old boy.

Youtube video of 24 year old Ricky being caught trying to meet up with what he THINKS is a 15 year old boy

So now the question turns to why the 1/166th Regiment waited so long after finding out he tried to solicit sex from a minor to recall him, and why was he recalled under the guise of NTC?

Of course if we find out, we’ll certainly spill the beans. Stay sharp out there, and don’t hesitate to drop a line to one of our many methods of contact if you have a story.

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