Proof the Election Was Rigged! or not…

Wow, so was there fraud in the election or not? Everyone is saying the Russians colluded with the campaign and the whole thing was stolen. They’re SURE of it. They have proof. SO MUCH PROOF! We have professional intelligence agencies who say spies were involved. There are senators and congressman/women who are saying they have INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF that Russia helped sway the election. What about everyone who says it’s all a hoax? It’s all made up, and our election process is fool proof. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Man, 2016 has been wild! Oh, wait, what year is it?

2016 saw all of the nutjobs come out of the woodwork. They said Russia got together with Trump and his buddies, had a few drinks, overthrew the entire election, and Hillary was robbed. ROBBED! This garbage went on for three years. The House even impeached him! Well, of course they wouldn’t have impeached him without proof, right? Oh, but it wasn’t about collusion they said, it was about interference in the investigation. The investigation about a thing that never happened and turned up nothing, with an investigator who was hand selected by Democrats to MAKE SURE they got the results they wanted, yet STILL found nothing. There was no collusion, it was all made up, they have proof that Hillary bought and paid for the infamous “Steele Dossier” that started it all, but you’d just know he actually did it if you watched the news. Every talking ape was on TV with an opinion based off of another person’s opinion (which had somehow turned into fact), and they were absolutely sure, BASED IN PURE FACT, that Trump colluded with Russia.

Now it’s 2020 and all of the nutjobs are coming out of the woodwork again. There is DEFINITELY election fraud! We have proof! Statistically it’s not possible, sources have spilled the beans on the many incidents of election tampering, the Dominion voting machines were hooked up to the internet, algorithms were easily written to swap the votes, and on and on and on. So much proof, right? Well, hold up… If you watch the news, it’s the other way around. Every single “reputable” source is saying everything was on the up and up. There was no fraud. A bunch of whiny baby Trumpers can’t handle the fact their guy was voted out, and there’s nothing more to the story. Next. NEXT! If you say there was fraud, you’re a quackjob, conspiracy theorist. If you say there wasn’t fraud, you’re a liberal hack who’s flushing our nation’s constitution down the toilet just so your guy can be in office. Which is it? So many sources on both sides, multiple elections, TONS OF PROOF!

The thing is, I don’t know. I can give my opinion for or against, but would it really matter? All I’d be doing is placating to one side or the other. Whatever I say won’t sway your opinion for or against, because you’re SURE that you have the right answer. You’ve likely gone out on the internet and looked up every validating resource that supports what you THINK happened, and it’s been enough to lock you into the conclusion you already made before you started looking. That’s what happened in 2016 while the chorus for collusion got louder and louder, and it’s sort of happening now, although the chorus is not the media this time, and they’re doing everything they can to put that fire out and make you look like an idiot if you put any fuel on it.

Then there’s me; I post a press conference from former Trump attorney Sydney Powell and specifically write “don’t message me about this, I won’t respond.” I had dozens of you clowns freaking out in my inbox asking, “what is that supposed to mean? So you endorse this? This is your opinion? I thought you were smarter than this.” I tried to explain that I post relevant information for people to read, view, and ultimately they can do their own research and come to their own conclusion. I post an OPED about the Dominion voting systems, and I get the same thing from the other side. “There’s proof; there are people with PHDs who have proven it. Well, you see, achktually….”

I want you people to read; I want you to read all applicable information, to watch videos, to take in every relevant source and come to your own decision without sticking your head in a vacuum and making up a decision with ideas that support your hypothesis alone. How hard is that? How hard is it to actually want to know what happened in reality and conduct research to find it? Apparently very hard. You only want the answer if it’s what you’ve concluded it is. I’m not going to support that or help you out with that. I think you’re a damn fool for not reading into all of this. I ALSO think you’re a damn fool if you believe ANYTHING the news media tries to shove down your throat after all of these years of bias and lies.

I have concrete, set in stone opinions about certain topics. I don’t talk about those topics because there’s no point. Nothing you could ever say or do would dissuade me from my opinion on those topics, so talking about them is irrelevant to me. When I post something, I’m open to discussion. I’m open to other opinions, because I’ve learned after all these years that I’m not the smartest guy in the room, and someone may have an epiphany or thought that I hadn’t considered. I’m not interested in slapping my fingers on my phone, arguing with all 12k followers I have on social media. I post because I like something, or I find it relevant. If you don’t like it, carry on with your bad self. You don’t have to. It’s OOOOOKKKKKKKAAAAYYYYYY to read things you don’t agree with. If you didn’t know that, then now you do. It doesn’t make you stupid, less educated, or mean you’re wrong. It’s just someone else’s writeup, and I can promise it won’t harm you. Also, if you’re dumb enough to have thought I had proof of election fraud, then congratulations on reading until the very end. You get what you deserve.

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