SECDEF Austin will FINALLY make the vaccine mandatory

Look, can we finally say, “about damn time?” WTF were these nimrods playing at?

DOD: “It’s totally voluntary. No one can make you get it. Command teams WILL NOT coerce or pressure their troops to get it.”

Commands: “Get the shot or else we’ll make your life miserable and treat you like a felon minus the due process. Oh, don’t forget, it’s voluntary *wink wink.”

CNN is reporting the likelihood Austin will push to get the president to make it mandatory, even before it’s been FDA approved, and I personally think it’s a good idea. Why? A: When have you ever had a choice B: These commanders are making our military look like a massive bag of smashed assholes with the way they’re breaking orders and doing whatever the fuck they want.

Obviously many of you are hesitant and don’t want to get it because you heard you’d grow a third arm or something, but listen; I’m only slightly autistic after the 40 rounds of anthrax I got, so you get to join me. Welcome to the “you’re a rat in a lab and we test our shit on you first” gang.

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  1. CNN says he will still have to wait for 46 to approve since it’s not fully approved by FDA, which will happen but pushes the buck again. More back and forth with this than anything

    1. Yet to be decided. Look into the Rabies and Anthrax vaccine pushes in the past. Alot of troops got messed up by their chain of command before receiving a “Other Than Honerable”. I’m not getting the vax though.

  2. Will people have a choice for which brand of vaccine? I’m assuming they won’t which will probably piss people off more than already. I know some of the marines in my unit are open to get vaccinated just not with certain brands of vaccine, such as Johnson and Johnson for example.

    1. If it becomes mandatory those Marines should go to a businesses that is offering the brands that they are willing to take and then update their medical status with the Marines.

  3. What’s the point of getting it if you still have to wear a mask and still able to spread it, as long as you are not someone with a pre existing condition the virus shouldnt be more than a flu

  4. Not surprising. I got my vaccine already a while ago because of personal reasons but the way commands treat unvaxxed personnel is bs. Def shouldn’t be mandatory at all but they could at least wait till it’s fucking approved.

  5. Regardless of your opinions there really isn’t a single way to spin this as a national security threat. You’d have to be fucking retarded to think 20 people dying across the DoD qualifies as that. So it be nice if people don’t act like this was normal or a joke because they are fucking cowards scared of getting dicked by the big boys at the pentagon who are already commanding based on politics

  6. My whole reasoning for not getting it yet is that it’s voluntary. If the flu vaccine was voluntary, I wouldn’t get it either. When they make it mandatory, I will get it like I have with any other shot they’ve forced me to get before. I’m not an anti-vaxer, but I do have concerns over the safety of this vaccine’s long-term effects. My thoughts are this: If I get it under voluntary conditions, the VA can potentially deny medical treatment for long-term effects because I volunteered. If I am forced, then the VA has no choice but to cover the costs of care.

  7. Pretty funny, but I have a disease called sarcoidosis that has wrecked my fucking lungs. As such I have constant doctor appointments. Hilariously, my pulmonologist asked me if I got the vaccine. Obviously I said yes even though I haven’t. Now it is in my official vacation record. I see this as a win/win.

  8. So I guess people who can’t take it because of medical or religious reasons will have to face punishment, so much for medical freedoms

  9. The fact that there is massive side effects including death reported on a system that is known to only really be reporting 5-10% of actual side effects is a problem for me. The risk of the virus to 99.9% of service members is essentially nill. The vaccine has no science saying it prevents anything, and statistics show that it has no effect on infection or hospitalizations. At the same time it bears very real added risk.

  10. My COM just threatened us with a dishonorable discharge if we don’t get the vaccine by the 15th of September. Wondering if they’re bluffing or if that’s even legal.

  11. This won’t fix anything. Making it mandatory will not fix the illegal actions taken by commanders and other leaders in the Army/military in general.