SOCOM’s Chief of Affirmative Action reassigned for the obvious fact that he’s a political stooge

Surprise! SOCOM’s Chief of Diversity and Inclusion, Richard Torres-Estrada, was reassigned upon finding out he’s a political hack whose job is to inject socialist and anti-American ideology into the United State’s special operations command elements. (Feel free to go here, here, here or here for the story.) Sure, the left will say, “we’re reporting on it as well. This is honest, unbiased journalism.” Bullshit. You guys would sell out your own grandma for a chance to be the one whose biased writing takes down a right wing politician.

Are you going to tell me this guy was the first person to be the US Army’s Affirmative Action Officer, and they weren’t aware he’d been posting this kind of overtly, political one sided trash? They knew. The administration got caught, and it was from some of my fellow meme pages nonetheless. The irony of this dude’s title and what he got “reassigned” for would be hysterical if it wasn’t so scary how quickly this new administration is trying to socially engineer our military and turn it into some sort of woke, revisionist utopia.

The next guy won’t be as dumb. He’ll come prepared with a scrubbed social media history and go to work. I’m aware some of our standing generals are against much of what’s happening in the military, which makes it that much more infuriating that they seem to be so complicit in the absurdly one sided political voice that has recently sprung up among the careerist seniors trying to demonstrate their value to an organization that would have left them in the dust 15 years ago if they were at the same point in their careers as they are now.

The original chief of diversity and inclusion

So keep licking boots and saying woke, brave things for the socialist news media to use as affirmation that even “the tough guys in uniform” agree with our woke, leftist, radical agenda. You can continue to play house while America grows weaker and weaker under your watch. Just keep in mind that you’ll never have a seat at their table. You are not one of them. They’ll use you until you’re no longer useful then dispose of you like yesterday’s news. You’re simply not diverse enough or worthy of their inclusion.

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