Story time: how a commander “might” have progressed despite being recommended for relief

Once upon a time there was a major (who we’ll call “Gingerbread” for no particular reason…) who was the XO/S3 for an Attack Aviation Battalion in 4th Infantry Division. Major Gingerbread (GB for short) was married to another O4/O5 that worked at III Corps. (Keep in mind that 4th ID used to be on Fort Hood.) She ended up deploying with 4th ID while he stayed behind.

Major GB’s husband and many of the good ol’ boys at III Corps would get “physical therapy” at a place in the Killeen area. It was one of those special physical therapy places that provides a “full body service.” Well Mr. GB gets serious with his “love you long time” therapist and starts having a full blown affair (no pun intended).

Major GB comes back from deployment and says, “someone’s been sleeping in MY bed!” (I think I might have my stories mixed up. That may be Goldilocks and the three bears…)

Anyways, she got a divorce. As the divorce unfolded, she became aware of all the other people that were going to the “Killeen Full Release Healing Center.” All of these bubbas back then were just O5s and 06s. GB stayed quiet as a church mouse though. She kept it real in the streets and observed the unspoken rule of not being a snitch. She never told their wives a thing.

GB left 4ID for a very out of character Pentagon job and spent many years up there. Then, from out of no where, she becomes the first female Attack Battalion commander. This was very unusual because she was not a good pilot, and everyone knew it. She was very bad, actually. She typically only flew with the SP or another senior pilot because they didn’t want her flying with juniors.

So off we go to Carson, and Major GB is now Lieutenant Colonel GB. She’s officially in the seat as an ATK battalion commander at Carson. That’s where LTC GB became a supa’ star and ended up gracing the cover of Army Times as a toxic leader.

She was pulled from command pending investigation. The O6 who did the investigating had a mountain of sworn statements and recommended her for removal to the commanding general. The CG is in the know on the what and the why, because his buddies are hitters up at the pentagon, so he ignores the recommendation from his brigade commander to remove her and puts her right back in the seat. GB shows back up to the unit, stands in front of the formation holding the sworn statements and tells everyone she will try not to hold a grudge, but it will be hard after reading what everyone said about her.

You see, she didn’t keep her mouth shut all those years back because those philandering fools were her homies; she did it because she knew she was going to climb to the good life on a staircase of their transgressions. Well, that and the littered carcasses of the junior officers she routinely screams at, throws shit at, and does her best demonstration of how to behave like an overgrown toddler for.

LTC Gingerbread is now Colonel Gingerbread. She got a sweet gig commanding a training brigade where she can piss on the hopes and dreams of America’s next generation of officers, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it because she has all of the string pullers by the balls.

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