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  1. This is EPIC! And horrifying. Do i understand correctly this data is only active duty. (Dependents and Veterans not included).

    Verifying because activity duty, by definition are a health group of individuals.

    1. Yeah HIV isn’t a Covid-19 vaccine adverse event. I can’t even think a possible way it can cause HIV. The other data presented, I can see a link to Covid-19 vaccines since they are known adverse events from the vax.

      1. Australia was developing a shot early on that that was producing false positives for HIV in their clinical trial groups. maybe something similar is happening here? or it could be an entirely unrelated phenomena occurring at the same time as all these other probable vaccine events. they’re all safety signals that need to be investigated.

      2. From what I’ve read on articles posted by the Expose UK, their analysis of UKHSA weekly yellow card data now past 50 weeks of data; is showing that the jabs are destroying the immune system. Over time the efficacy in specific age groups falls well below -150%… since far more people that have been jabbed and boosted are getting infected at much higher rates.

    2. From what i understand the HIV virus being reverse enineered and used in creation of the covid virus and why covid and its auto immune conditions it causes is so very similar to HIV in terms of how it causes your own immune system to basically attack and destroy the bodys own cells. I mean dont quote me but i have/seen/ and public access documents point a pretty clear picture.

      1. And if you remember early in the beginig of the plandemic people where testing and those tests were coming back with sars dna and very particular active parts of HIV virus DNA. And the quickly swept that under the rug. That was like the ffew months in the begining.

        1. I still have alot of articals saved from day one in the begining like how the 2 chineese students on a program with harvord that were picked up with viles of a biochemical strapped to their legs on their way bach to china and turned up they were chineese nationalists of the party. Same time the harvord biochem proffessor was cought in his fiasco over in china

    1. I had the same question and was told by a colleague that the BLA approval doc has the approval and the expiration (end) date as the same. I haven’t had a chance to look back at it yet.

    1. It’s not being targeted. There’s a ton of people hitting the server. I can only invest in so much because I pay for it all out of pocket with a few subscriptions and donations to alleviate a bit of the burden. The speed isn’t going to be facebook.

  2. Great video. I would like to upload it to Rumble and post on Parler…I am a 20+ year Navy Chief Corpsman and I have am living in Virginia Beach area. I have nearly 23K of followers on Parler which many are active military, veterans and retirees.