Army questionnaire asks children their biological sex as well as the sex they identify as

A mom took her adolescent daughter to Tripler Army Medical Center this week for a checkup and was surprised to find questions on the form asking her daughter what sex she was assigned at birth and what gender she currently identified as.

The Pediatric Adolescent Clinic told the mother her daughter had to fill out the form by herself and the mother wasn’t allowed to help. If the daughter hadn’t brought it to her mother’s attention, she never would have known it was on the form.

The clinic also flyers posted up, which they also hand out to the families, stressing the importance of LGBTQ+ family acceptance.


I’m conflicted, because on one hand I think it’s important to teach that someone shouldn’t be isolated or outcast for a mental disorder. Mistreating someone due to a mental health issue is despicable and appalling in every way.

However, supporting and encouraging that mental disorder, the idea that you’re another sex, is also not appropriate.

What’s most alarming of all is the secrecy in which the hospital staff went about it. The mom wasn’t even aware these questions were asked of her child because she wasn’t allowed to help. This is not how a Guardian/minor relationship works in any other situation.


Tripler Army Medical Center is a training hospital. If they’re pushing this ideology there, expect it to be in your clinic soon.

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