Army questionnaire asks children their biological sex as well as the sex they identify as

A mom took her adolescent daughter to Tripler Army Medical Center this week for a checkup and was surprised to find questions on the form asking her daughter what sex she was assigned at birth and what gender she currently identified as.

The Pediatric Adolescent Clinic told the mother her daughter had to fill out the form by herself and the mother wasn’t allowed to help. If the daughter hadn’t brought it to her mother’s attention, she never would have known it was on the form.

The clinic also flyers posted up, which they also hand out to the families, stressing the importance of LGBTQ+ family acceptance.

I’m conflicted, because on one hand I think it’s important to teach that someone shouldn’t be isolated or outcast for a mental disorder. Mistreating someone due to a mental health issue is despicable and appalling in every way.

However, supporting and encouraging that mental disorder, the idea that you’re another sex, is also not appropriate.

What’s most alarming of all is the secrecy in which the hospital staff went about it. The mom wasn’t even aware these questions were asked of her child because she wasn’t allowed to help. This is not how a Guardian/minor relationship works in any other situation.

Tripler Army Medical Center is a training hospital. If they’re pushing this ideology there, expect it to be in your clinic soon.

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  1. So, that portion at the bottom of the form does say “optional” which means it is not required to be completed. If it doesn’t apply then don’t complete it I would assume. Parents (good ones at least) should be having these conversations with their kids at home. And the information is being provided, I would assume, for education and inclusivity purposes being that there are dependents that identify as such and receive services at that MTF. I’m just curious but why would you or anyone believe someone is “pushing” this on anyone’s child simply by those questions being listed on a form? I’m looking at it objectively by the way.

    1. They should have the same fliers up for autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, or any other mental disorder to educate kids that all though some children suffer from mental disorders, that should not be a reason to discriminate. All mental disorders matter, not just gender dysphoria.

  2. Except for mental health services for minors over the age of 14 in Hawaii all medical treatment requires parental informed consent. There is no legitimate need to ask about gender preferences on a medical questionnaire, period. It has nothing to do with medical services being provided but is being used as a screening tool to separate parent and child in order to push the LBGT Agenda onto the child.

    1. The adolescent clinic at Brooke Army Medical Center has for years politely asked me to leave the room when I’ve taken my daughter’s in for their appointments. I’ve told them “No thanks, I’m fine staying”. Then they semi-nicely inform me it’s a requirement and if I don’t they’ll inform my CoC that I’m choosing to not follow the clinics protocols. Why am I not allowed to stay? It’s because they want to know if my daughters are sexually active and if they’d like to be prescribed birth control or receive contraceptives. They’re doing this for children over 13 and they’re not informing the parents that they’re asking or if they prescribe them anything. Since I’ve experienced this at BAMC I’m honestly not surprised they’re doing that at TAMC. I’ll ask my daughter if they’re asking those questions at BAMC as well and I’ll post an update.

      1. Update….BAMC does not have the section that asks what gender they were assigned or the gender they identify as. Unfortunately they do have a section for the adolescent to select/annotate what gender pro noun they’d prefer to go by.

  3. I’m curious about your statement that identifying as another gender is a mental disorder. I’m not actually sure how I personally feel about this as I’m still researching it but I find it a bit presumptuous for you to say this. I do appreciate all you do and this site though! Just asking/making a point.

    1. I do think it’s significant as overwhelmingly body dysmorphia is usually a sign of another, more urgent, mental health issue