As long as it’s “progressive racism” then it’s totally cool

The guy in Boulder who shot ten people in a supermarket was identified. Let’s play the guessing game. Who wants to bet it was a white guy?

Must have been a white guy; this logic is sound.
Oh, now I DEFINITELY think it was a white guy!
So true. I’m really thinking it was a white guy now.
Seriously, who else is absolutely SURE it was a white guy?!!!
This guy! He knows! He stated it factually! Hahaha, don’t you feel dumb for thinking it wasn’t a white guy. Give me my money, sucker.

And for the grand finale…..(drum roll please)

Ah, fuck….it wasn’t a white guy. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa….wait, I think I had a green on blue happen in Afghanistan with a guy by that name…..Well shit! This simply won’t do. This ruins our entire white guy narrative. We already did away with Islamaphobia (btw, what a stupid fucking name. No one is “scared” of Islam. Dudes who hijack planes and fly them into buildings on the other hand….). Um, let me think fast. Gotta dump the terrorist word we were slinging around with glee. We CANNOT tie that word to middle easterners! That would be super racist! Guess we’ll only be able to attack the second amendment this time. Darn….


Ok, let’s get serious now. I’m about sick and fucking tired of this bullshit narrative that has center stage in our society. I’m tired of it playing out in the civilian sector, and I’m tired of it playing out in the military. I could spit statistical facts at you all day long, but if you’re a dumbass, progressive, leftist, white dude who is so woke that your head has become permanently planted halfway up your colon, then clearly facts and stats wouldn’t do any good in this argument anyways. Guess what: racism is racism. You don’t get a day pass to call white men terrorists (which, once again, the statistical majorities don’t support “percentage wise”) then suddenly get to turn off your brain and ignore violent crime statistics per capita based on race. This isn’t cherry picking either. All of social media is FULL of people instantly pinpointing the shooter as a white guy because boulder happens to be the granola eating, hipster, douche bag capital of America. You fuckers thought you’d get lucky with this one and be the blind squirrel who caught a nut, but you were wrong, and your overt bias smells like the unshaven armpit/hemp wearing cucks you are. Have fun with your wokeness; it will eventually be your undertaker.

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