Commanding General of 9th MSC Suspends CXO and Issues Letters of Reprimand

In an email sent to senior members of the 9th Mission Support Command (MSC), Brigadier General Mark Siekman, the Commanding General of 9th MSC, informed the command and staff that he suspended Mr. Jon Lee from all duties and responsibilities. Mr. Lee was the 9th MSC senior civilian who served as the Command Executive Officer (CXO) for the unit. I previously wrote about the allegations of misconduct and illegal activity within the 9th MSC. Even more allegations have surfaced along with multiple reprimands which have been issued across the command.

email from commanding general
Email From BG Siekman sent on January 24

In the email, BG Siekman states, “I’ve suspended Mr. Jon Lee, CXO, from all duties and responsibilities; he has been placed on administrative leave for investigations (paid leave) effective today. After consultation with USARPAC, USARC, and CPAC, I felt it was prudent to take such actions to ensure both Mr. Lee and the investigation process are protected.”

Mr. Jon Lee

Whistleblowers with inside knowledge of the investigation who wish to remain anonymous provided me with documentation alleging Mr. Lee has been covering up sexual crimes and stealing money for over two decades at the 9th MSC. Mr. Lee served in multiple positions within the 9th MSC over the course of his 30 year career and retired in 2015 from the Army Reserve as a Brigadier General. His official Army Reserve webpage highlights the numerous positions he served in throughout his career along with his current position as the 9th MSC’s CXO and senior civilian.


Mr. Lee provided continuity for multiple command teams in the 9th MSC to include the previous Commanding General, Brigadier General Timothy Connelly. BG Connelly is alleged to have assisted Mr. Lee in his various endeavors and is currently under investigation for multiple inappropriate relationships with subordinates.

BG Connelly

The investigation is looking into twenty years of misconduct at every echelon within the 9th MSC with allegations of felony theft, witness intimidation, attempts to influence investigations, harassment, embezzlement, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual grooming, and the misappropriation of government funds which includes skimming funds from Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

General Officer Letters of Reprimand (GOMOR) have been issued to NCOs, First Sergeants, Officers and even the Command Sergeant Major of the 100th Infantry Battalion, CSM Jerry Walden. We’ll continue to cover this story as more revelations are disclosed.


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