Correct The Record

As many of you have seen, the Department of Defense has been sending letters to those that were involuntarily discharged for refusal of the Covid 19 vaccine. While I personally find this to be a farcical admission of failure of a short sighted and illegal policy, it does give me pause when taking note of the words chosen in this memo.

“Individuals may request a correction to military personnel records.” Excuse me? A correction? Was there an error made on the records of every military member that was involuntarily discharged? And if yes, what is the appropriate remedy for those that were victims of that error? “Oops, that was our bad” does not go far enough. I know the DoD leadership is arrogant and ignorant enough to think these crumbs will bring back those burned by their policy, but what they fail to realize is that they are now exposed as the vile, political monsters we all suspected they were.

When it comes to the gross violation of the law and peoples individual rights, a “correction” is the least the DoD could do. But I want to look at another phrase in this memo I also found interesting, and if I have learned anything over the last 3 years, it is that nothing in these memos is by accident. They are well crafted legal mumbo jumbo that insulates the writer and the department from liability, but I digress. “As a result of the rescission of all current Covid 19 vaccination requirements.” Current requirements?

It is obvious that eventually there will be a second requirement since this is only addressing the first one they bungled to all hell. So is the plan to screw over everyone a second time when the DoD implements the next “requirement”?

If you have not seen the letter, you can find it here

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5 months ago

Screw them. I received my GOMAR via email on Terminal Leave, and they still had the gall to call me to un-sign my OER.

Why should anyone come back, only to find themselves 3-4 years behind their former peers on promotions? Is 1-2 years’ worth of backpay (if you even get it) worth all this?

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