The Covid Files: Part 3

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do not like or respect Anthony Fauci. I was not overly familiar with him prior to early 2020, and those were the best 35


The Covid Files: Part 2

Since Ukraine is so heavy in the news right now as we continue to inexplicably fund their war efforts with potentially no end in sight, this is a good time to see


Part 1: The Covid Files

I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like something fishy is going on. When there is a convergence of events that involve government officials, I get somewhat suspicious. Could it be


The Missing Link: Legally Distinct

As many of you have seen, Jordan Schachtel has been doing an outstanding job of exposing issues surrounding the military vaccine mandate. So after reading his recent post, that has amazing and

The Hunt For Good Order and Discipline

There are a few things the military is known for, good order and discipline and using service members as research subjects. To maintain good order and discipline, the military has an exhaustive

The 2nd Amendment is Absolute

There has been an interesting argument for “gun safety” (gun control doesn’t poll well) after the events in Uvalde, TX, and frankly, its the most asinine thing I have heard since Joe

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