The Return Of Covid 19

All right everybody, it’s almost September 2023. Do you know where your vaccination card is? It’s time to dust it off and get it ready for boosters. Just kidding, fuck that! What it’s really time to do is to dust off those religious accommodations, those medical supply exemptions, those medically immune exemptions and get ready for the next round of mandates because we know it’s coming.

There’s a reason that when Congress passed the NDAA and rescinded the vaccine mandate for the military, they specifically notated the mandate which was linked to Laloyd’s memo of August 24, 2021. They made this very specific request because they knew it was only a matter of time before a new booster would be rolling out, and it would help moot a lot of the active lawsuits and give more money to their Pharma bosses. Be not decieved, your congress people you have been writing to know what’s happening and your concerns are not falling on deaf ears but rather apathetic ones. With perhaps one exception.

So it should’ve been obvious where this was heading when the DOD started deny immunity exemptions that they provide for other communicable diseases per their own regulations (AR 40-562). The military health professionals, the CDC, the NIH etc said there were a lot of “unknowns” about natural immunity, the most common was “we don’t know how long protection lasts.” Well, we don’t know (or didn’t know) how long the protection lasts for the vaccines either but hey, that’s semantics and common sense, which seems to be in short supply in the public health leader field. The COVID-19 vaccines started being compared to the annual influenza vaccine, and that should have been a signal that they knew this was going to become a yearly protocol, and not the one and done soldiers were promised

Luckily, the military is a great customer for all pharmaceutical companies because they are the most reliable in their yearly revenue stream, and provide a free R&D service at the expense of the service members medical freedom. The military will order men and women to line up and get injected or face consequences. See: the 8400+ service members that were kicked out for following the law and their conscious in one year.

What I’m curious about is, as they issue this new mandate that is apparently on its way in, as the president did state that the vaccine will be necessary, will the commanders be derelict in their duty yet again? As a reminder, there was never any license product available (and still isn’t) making the mandate impossible to fulfill legally. And every officer sat on his thumb and told their soldiers that they needed to go that get vaccinated, even when soldiers told their command that hey, there is no license vaccine available. They said, “shut up you big stupid idiot and go get your vaccine. That’s an order or we’re going to take everything you worked your ass off to achieve it we’re going to make it difficult for you as possible you, bitch.” At least that is how I imagine it happened in their heads.

At this moment every commander from every level has no authority to to give any order if they were given information, did not ensure the license product was available, or dismissed soldiers legitimate legal concerns because those commanders were the ones that violated every order that was issued from their chain of command about the mandate. Do not forget that with Lloyd Austin on August 24, 2021, after approximately two minutes of deep thought and consideration, decided to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, he stated that it was only the properly labeled and licensed vaccine that was mandatory. Was that ever available to the military? No. Did any commander insure availability? No. Was that an order issued in various forms to the Combatant Commands and written in the regulations? Hell yes. So who was violating the orders really? Clown town.

Instead, each commander was able to lean heavily on a memo created by Terry Adirim. They were able to lean so heavily because not only is she a stout broad, but she issued legal cover by using some bullshit language from the FDA that was not legal or regulatory. Now I’ll be fair for just a moment, even though I don’t enjoy it, the memo that Adirim issued stated that healthcare providers were able to use the vaccine as if it were the licensed products. What she did not state was that commanders could order military members to take the vaccine as if it were the license product. Now we can rehash some old tweets by Adirim trying to cover her ass because she knows damn well at this point that the memo she issued only muddied the legal waters within the DoD, but she got some sweet promotion she failed her way up to and then failed at that so I doubt she cares what a (checks notes) an anti vaxxer troll like me has to say.

The commanders were the greatest failures to the people that they are there to protect. But it would appear to me that the commanders that are overseeing their troops are an absolute disgrace to not only the military but the country at large. These are commanders who we rely on to defend our nation, obey its laws and its Constitution and lead their troops lawfully and carefully. But when they can’t even defend the rights of the soldiers are they are entrusted with to serve honorably, then we’re truly lost.

Oh here’s Adirim! Lies

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7 months ago

Wow, its almost 2 years to the day of releasing the infamous August 2021 memo. Also, the COVID shot is unique in that it is a Gene Therapy, and is described as such by Pfizer and Moderna.

And dear Adiriim, you seem to be the sort that complains that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America is politics. What the hell do you think the Constitution is? Or Religious Freedom? They are ALL politics.

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