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This article is dedicated to the brave whistleblowers and the others working to get information out to the public, despite how much the public has gone back to their lives of complacency and compliance. These individuals are dedicated to protecting your freedoms in ways you may never understand or know because they were doggedly determined and ultimately successful, I hope. 

So anyway, remember when the DMED data whistleblower report came out and the DOD told us that there was a “glitch” and that the years of data in the report were not correct and underreported? If you don’t, here is a refresher from the completely unbiased fact checkers at Reuters. “Lisa Lawrence, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense (DoD) told Reuters via email that the increase for 2021 was a result of incorrect data for the years 2016 to 2020. “Comparing the DMED database to the source data contained in DMSS, the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division (AFHSD) discovered that the total number of medical diagnoses from 2016-2020 that were accessible in DMED represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses for those years. In contrast, the 2021 total number of medical diagnoses were up to date in DMED,” she said.”

So what did they do about this reporting error? If we read this update by Tom Renz, the lawyer that first presented the whistleblower data in a round table with Ron Johnson, the DoD went through the DMED data and “corrected” it. Here is a full accounting of events from Senator Johnson’s office. Most notably,

Alright so glitch fixed and data corrected. So now we can move along with the assumption that DMED is accurately reflecting the health data of our military members. So what exactly is DMED data and why is it important? The Defense Medical Epidimiology Medical Database (DMED) “ provides remote access to a subset of data contained within the Defense Medical Surveillance System. DMSS contains up-to-date and historical data on diseases and medical events (e.g., hospitalizations, ambulatory visits, reportable diseases, etc.) and longitudinal data relevant to personnel characteristics and deployments experience for all active and reserve component service members.”

Well it’s up to date according to the military so I will assume that is true. Until they find another inconvenient glitch right? And there is one data point that I want to draw your attention to out of the many that are concerning and outrageous, this one data point paints a picture of negligence of health care and the complete capture of our military health professionals. But before we get to that I want to remind everyone of what the cumulative totals as of the DoD’s last day of reporting in December of 2022.

Covid 19, while tragic, accounted for 96 deaths in the military in almost 3 years. Many of these deaths happening between August-December of 2021 mind you. Yes, the Pentagon does blame Delta for this increase, but I think we can all agree that doesn’t make any damn sense. By August of 2021, the DoD claimed that a minimum of 65% of the force was vaccinated. So 35% of the force was responsible for over 50% of the added deaths in a 4 month time span? Numbers on August 23, 2021 went from 34 to 79 by the end of 2021. Ok sure, so remember that number, 96 deaths in 3 years, an absolute and tragic number, and another tragic number is the single data point I want to look at in the DMED data. Remember, if it saves just one life it’s worth it right?

A glimpse at these numbers show: Acute myocarditis doubling from 2020 to 2021, heart failure and other heart disease increases by about 30%. Is this all due to delta? Is there no other explanation? If we look at the data other heart disease and cases of myocarditis extend well past the peak of delta and into the 2022. Cases of Myocarditis in 2021 skyrocketed from 494 to 922 and remained higher than its 5 year average in 2022 at 782. Most variants, and delta is no different, saw a run of approximately 2 months but the impact here seems to be longer term.

Am I expected believe that this type of data was gathered in the Delta time frame along side the time frame of the vaccine mandate being implemented and no one questioned the events? Were these cases in vaccinated individuals? Wasn’t the DOD working with Pfizer on a clinical trial (C4591011) to determine the safety and incidence of myocarditis post vaccination? If the ailment was so rare in the clinical data, why did Pfizer and the DOD decide to use service members as medical experiments?

It is incredibly unethical and lacking intellectual integrity to not investigate and determine the causation of these issues, especially since it is a well documented fact at this point that in the military age group heart conditions post vaccination are not as rare as they led us to believe.

Right? But what made 2021 so hard on the hearts of our men and women that serve? What is the long term impact of heart failure, myocarditis and other heart disease on our service members? Did destroying the health of thousands save one life? I don’t know but it definitely couldn’t be that dang vaccine. If this is just one very limited glimpse into the data, imagine everything else that is lurking in this database. It might just make you cry.

Just this first graph is enough, having 3,000 excess service members documented as being poisoned by a biological substance should be a red flag. But how about in 2021 there were 2,000 reports of serious adverse events from biologics compared to approximately 150 in 2020. What could the difference be? It aint rocket science. At what point is correlation causation? But isn’t it convenient that the leadership could blame a variant that was occurring at the same time they were coercing 100% of the military population to get vaccinated. Seems like an excellent way to muddy the waters.

Completely unrelated. But what’s even crazier is that even though the safety signals are glaring, there is evidence that the military medical professionals were part of a nudge program to get these service members vaccinated! What a thrill. Until next time!

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