Opinion: Welcome to the new psyop, same as the old psyop

If you can take a look at this image and you feel something triggered inside you 

Congratulations, it did exactly what it was targeted to do. I think this image perfectly encapsulates the psyop we are witnessing, and just like the one we experienced during Covid, it requires both sides of the ideological aisle to be engaged. Let’s go back for a minute, if we can stomach it, to fall of 2020. A very distinct line in the sand was drawn; the mask wearers versus the no masks. Leaving the “science” out if it, it was very evident that political leaders, “public health” professionals, and the media were pushing a political agenda with an unknown genesis. How do we know? Maybe watch a super cut of the lock step we were witnessing day in and day out: see Tom Elliot, he’s notorious for them. It is my opinion that masking my have started as a public health measure, maybe even one with good intentions, but just as quickly it was utilized as another “us versus them” mechanism of action for the opportunistic. The term “useful idiot,” which I hate, is the most relevant association I can make in regards to how first Covid and now the trans movement is being used to gin up a reaction. The infiltration of “Pride” is causing an intended product. Two in fact: 1. Anger. 2. Moral Authority. 

At this moment we are at a crossroads, we cannot ignore the things we are seeing. We cannot ignore a problem and hide our heads in the sand and just hope it goes away. What we can do though is be aware of every action of the state, the media and the minions that blindly follow them, and acknowledge the element of social manipulation they are hoping to ignite. Knowledge and awareness are our greatest tools to defeat what feels like an overwhelming social task. And see that the over compensation of behavior is a good sign that things aren’t as dire as they may seem. We have seen this before, creating a majority where none exists is the glass house of control.

So really we have to ask ourselves, who is winning? I will go back to the Covid measures put in place. Were they reasonable? Were they effective? No, most of them were not, on a scientific level. Yet, they were pushed down our throats for 3 years because they were in many cases politically expedient and incredibly divisive. This is exactly how I see the trans obsession we are witnessing. For instance, there is an image floating around of someone shaking their new top surgery boobs around on the lawn of the White House. Regardless of political affiliation, it is abhorrent behavior for many reasons and beneath the office of the Presidency (Sorry Monica L. but I said office not desk), but it is being repeatedly shared by conservative persons to stoke anger in the hearts of other conservatives. Do not let this happen. This is the intention. What happens when people are angry? They act irrationally, and that behavior may be just opportunity someone is looking for, grooming some young kid on Discord for. It is being constantly propagated by our media and even our President that there is some sort of genocide afoot and the trans people of this country are victims, this is a lie. But a great way to turn a lie into a truth is to push people so far into a state of anger, a state of distrust and a state of loss that they are no longer the person they once were. Again, go back to Covid, it wasn’t people not wearing masks shouting down people in stores, throwing water over their head, it was those that perceived themselves as more virtuous because they were towing the government edict line. But it was the anti-masker that would often still be seen as the bad guy, the unvaccinated person, well they were just trying to kill grandmas. No one ever blames the pharmaceutical companies that lied about their products, or the government officials that lied about efficacy. No, it was always the little guy scapegoats. No matter how hard it seems at the time, being on the right side of history is the most liberating thing you can do, ask our Founding Fathers. Find your peace, don’t let rage consume any part of you. 

It is our responsibility to turn to our communities to see the country as it truly is. Will there be disagreements? Yes, I definitely hope so. It is what keeps a Constitutional Republic like ours strong, so in order to form a more perfect union we must do exactly that. Do not see your neighbors as your enemy, or better yet, do not allow yourself to see them that way. Our rage is not action. Understanding that there is a battle for our country underway, we must understand when we are being pushed, not to adapt and not to react, but to respond.

Hey, anyone heard from Black Lives Matter lately? 

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