Fort Huachuca’s Commanding General reports that his post is being overrun by illegal migrants

The Commanding General of Fort Huachuca, Major General Hale, reported to TRADOC headquarters that his post is being overwhelmed by illegal migrants.

Fort Huachuca lies in southern Arizona about an hour South of Tucson and just North of the Mexico – US border.

He stated that the base’s Director of Emergency Services (think Military Police) are having constant encounters, daily, with illegals; to the point of taking up their resources and saturating their efforts. He stated that it’s expected to get worse.

Fort Huachuca has always had a problem with illegals coming across the mountain range, but the amount has increased significantly under the Biden Administration. It’s so commonplace that soldiers going through Initial Entry Training are told during every field training exercise to not point their weapons at any travelers who may end up in the training area since the students only have blank ammunition and the travelers may have weapons with live rounds.

Sierra Vista, the town outside Fort Huachuca, has multiple law enforcement agencies to include a substantial Border Patrol presence. We don’t know how closely they’re cooperating with Fort Huachuca’s emergency services or what response TRADOC has given in return. We’ll continue to update as we learn more.

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