Incarcerated Marine fears for her life as she’s subjected to phony charges and transferred stateside

Lance Corporal Catherine Arnett, a Marine who’s being retaliated against by her chain of command for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine and being so publicly outspoken about it, has been incarcerated at the Camp Hansen Brig aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley Butler in Okinawa, Japan since Jan. 23, 2023. She is currently being transferred to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar Brig in San Diego, California. LCpl Arnett expressed to her mother that she’s fearful for her safety before, during, and after transfer, and based on the circumstances of her case, she has every right to be.

A text from LCpl Arnett's mom expressing the fears Catherine relayed to her
A text from LCpl Arnett’s mom expressing the fears Catherine relayed to her

Why was Arnett locked up?

Arnett was initially charged with several violations of the UCMJ back in May, 2022 stemming from her refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine, but those charges were dismissed by her Commanding General in Sep. after a federal judge’s Aug. 18 order temporarily barred the Corps from punishing or discharging Marines who refused the vaccine on religious grounds.

This rankled Arnett’s chain of command, who had initially charged her for failing to obey an order despite its unlawfulness, and they concocted new charges against her with the basis of those charges being “forgery.” She was accused of forging her commander’s signature on an official document, and new charges based on that incident were tacked on.

Charges brought against LCpl Arnett
Charges brought against LCpl Arnett

Phony Charges

However, the problem is that the whole thing was made up. I wrote in depth about the buffoonery of her command charging her with forgery when they knowingly let her work in her job for months after the supposed incident. I spoke to my legal sources in Okinawa who are familiar with the case, and I was told that after writing the above referenced article, the Marine Corps was forced to drop the forgery charge against her because the evidence of her innocence was in black and white.

In fact, the chain of command was so disconnected on what it was she had actually done wrong, an official spokesperson told Stars and Stripes that she “committed forgery and made false official statements” even though false official statements were never on her charge sheet.

Email from Arnett's CO thanking her for her help after she had allegedly forged his signature to continue doing the job he was thanking her for
Email from Arnett’s CO thanking her for her help after she had allegedly forged his signature to continue doing the job he was thanking her for

All of the other charges were predicated on the initial forgery charge. Had her chain of command not made up phony charges against her in the first place, she never would have been charged with failing to obey an order, thereby dove tailing into the failure to report and missing movement charges.

Catherine has petitioned her congressional representatives, but her efforts have gone in vain. The reason she’s scared is due to the lack of justice she’s experienced surrounding a year of her chain of command subjecting her to their poorly pieced together kangaroo court. Catherine is a young, junior enlisted Marine, and her leadership wasn’t about to let her get over on them. They violated her constitutional rights when they ordered her to take a vaccine which wasn’t FDA approved while simultaneously ignoring her religious rights. She fought, and she won. Then her commanding officer concocted phony charges against her while knowing all along she was working in the job she had allegedly forged her way into. It wasn’t until I wrote about it that they quietly dropped the charge while maintaining the others. Prior to her incarceration, four male Marines from her CoC entered her private quarters and confronted her which made her extremely uncomfortable.

Catherine has given me a letter to publicly release upon her transfer. Among other things, it says: “I fully and consciously and willingly declare that upon the moment I am taken into custody by military police (or other entities) to be transferred from Okinawa to California/CONUS, I will not speak, I will not eat, and I will not consume any drink until I am permitted to speak to General David H. Berger.” The actions taken against her are a travesty of justice and have no place in the United States or its military.

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