Marine Major General ordered to ‘keep his mouth shut’ about personal vaccine injury so that other Marines would not decline the vax

A shocking new interview on One America News claims that Major General Julian Alford, the former Commanding General of Marine Corps Training Command, was ordered by the Commandant of the Marine Corps to “keep his mouth shut” in reference to a personal vaccine injury he sustained so that other Marines would not decline to receive the vaccine themselves.

According to Lieutenant Colonel David “T-Bone” Trombley, a retired Marine Corps F-18 pilot, Maj. Gen. Alford told him he received the COVID-19 vaccine in January and February of 2021. Within 24 hours of getting the vaccine, he had a burning sensation and lost the sensation of his thumb and forefinger in his left hand. His Physical Therapist at Quantico told him he had parsonage turner syndrome, which according to the NIH can occur post COVID-19 vaccination.

Commandant of Marine Corps
General Berger is alleged to have told Maj. Gen. Alford to ‘keep his mouth shut’ in reference to a vaccine injury (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In October of ’21, Alford was at a symposium with other General Officers when Gen. Berger was said to have learned of his injury and allegedly approached Alford and told him he needed him to keep that information quiet because he needed his Marines to get vaccinated. According to Lt. Col. Trombley, Maj. Gen. Alford shared that story with Trombley and others and gave Trombley the opportunity “with full attribution to say that is his story and testimony, and that that information has been in the Commandant’s hands now for well over a year.” Trombley went on to say that Alford removed approximately 500 Marines for refusing the vaccine, and it broke his heart to do it.

If these allegations are true, they would signal an intentional cover-up at the highest level of the Marine Corps to suppress information critical to the well being of every Marine. In June we covered the staggering increase in vaccine related adverse reactions among active component service members in the DOD. While this information is public and almost guaranteed to have been briefed to the leaders of the various service branches, suppressing a senior leader’s personal testimony, in an effort to withhold potentially life saving information from servicemembers, is a devastating betrayal and breach of trust.

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