National Guard: “We won’t let you come to drill, but you’re also AWOL if you don’t”

We’ve received numerous messages from Soldiers in the National Guard over the last few months telling us their leadership told them a deadline was fast approaching where they would be barred from attending monthly drill, but they would be listed AWOL (absent without leave) if they didn’t attend. This is all predicated on the servicemember not being vaccinated with Pfizer’s experimental gene therapeutic, of course.

So I’m in [redacted], and they said that no matter what we wouldn’t be punished for pending religious or medical exemptions from the Covid vaccine however in April they are issuing flags for anyone that doesn’t have the exemptions accepted, and June is when they start kicking people out, however, they are forcing people to not be allowed to go to drill, or get paid for it, while not having an excuse to miss it, they are enforcing us to become awol without a choice.

After getting yet another message regarding this, dare I say, illegal and coercive order, I decided to do some more extensive digging (which involved posting and you guys responding; I love y’all).

Apparently, the Secretary of Defense issued a memo regarding this info back in November of ’21.

The memo states:

Unless otherwise exempted in accordance with Department policy, all members of the National Guard must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the deadlines established by the Army or Air Force, as appropriate, or must subsequently become vaccinated, in order to participate in drills, training and other duty conducted under title 32, U.S. Code.

No Department of Defense funding may be allocated for payment of duties performed under title 32 for members of the National Guard who do not comply with Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

No credit or excused absence shall be afforded to members who do not participate in drills, training, or other duty due to failure to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Simply put, if you’re not vaccinated you can’t drill, and if you can’t drill you’re AWOL. That’s what the “no credit or excused absence shall be afforded” means.

Just so we can say we discussed the full context of what this means, let’s take another look at how many members of the National Guard are still unvaccinated.

According to a brief from the Defense Health Agency dated 09 February 2022, 14.8% of the Reserves & National Guard, or 116,777 people, are not vaccinated or their status is unknown. While the breakdown between the two elements is unknown, we can surmise the number is staggering in its size and the implications it has for our national security are disastrous to say the least.

It’s likely a safe bet that Congress will not get involved either. You know how it is; you have to commit to something, you don’t want to upset your handlers, the conversation is “sticky,” and in general it means you have to stop being a worthless puddle of pond scum that fights for America’s wellbeing and seeks to advance its exceptionalism. So yea, count Congress out.

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  1. Yup. This was asked directly to JAG during a townhall in Indiana for INARNG soldiers. JAG’s answer was that they have no answer. My suspicion is that they have decided its not practical politically to punish is for the vaccine but they can punish is without much friction for being AWOL. They may even spin it as a mass desertion. They don’t seem to have anything resembling moral qualms and are only affected by political pressure. If it doesn’t hurt their precious career it cannot possibly be a wrong thing to do.

  2. And I honestly think this is their way of kicking people out with a terrible discharge code or characterization because per the ndaa they are not getting booted for refusals, they are being booted for awol or as my counseling statement says, unsatisfactory participation as it threatened me with a other than honorable

  3. So what’s funny is, everyone is asking about JAG well so far I’m 2 for 2 on how much shit jag is, little backstory, buddy was falsely accused of rape, jag burned the ships to make an example of him and sent him to prison, then I got to hear from a JAG judge officer general or whatever the fuck he called himself, and if he wasn’t the most spineless POS I heard talk. In quote he said “if you’re a vaccine refusal or a failed medical/religious exemption I have to say, nothing good will happen to you, we will take your pay, your GI BILL, your VA compensation (btw he can’t threaten it when it’s not his to take) your drill pay, you will be forcibly separated” like.. isn’t his job upholding law and and fighting for the LAW?

  4. I am Not in the NG, but we are all in this together. IMHO, the only way that any of this is ever going to stop is the lawsuits and unfortunately a few Senior commanders losing their careers. As many of us have tried to mention, the only actual “lawful order” is the FDA approved vaccine, which does not exist. Everyone one else trying to par their stats deserve what they are doing. Even in the instance of FDA approval, those seeking Religious Accommodation still have a right to do so. Hold the line and stay in the fight!!