Pfizer hasn’t started producing FDA approved Comirnaty yet

Yesterday I posted some slides on instagram showing proof that Pfizer’s FDA approved Comirnaty vaccine is not currently being produced, and there are no plans on the horizon to start producing it while the EUA vaccine is still widely available.

I also produced a side by side checklist of the active ingredients. Many of the arguments surrounding the EUA vs. FDA approved version of the vaccine have stemmed from the word “interchangeable” being attached to the two drugs as if they’re the same exact thing. Surprise, they’re not. Also, Comirnaty is not the “brand name” as some of suggested.

For those of you who wanted the unaltered documents, I’m attaching them below to download. Enjoy.

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  1. @Dmessn for some reason the pictures aren’t showing, but go look at the document title Pfizer eua fact sheet at the bottom. Look at the highlighted portions. Also, look at other articles on here pertaining to the vaccine.