Soldier Ordered To Not Attend Drill Then Declared AWOL Months Later

Notice was given to all National Guard and Reserve personnel in the spring of 2022 which effectively stated they would not be allowed to attend drill anymore if they hadn’t received the COVID vaccine by July of that same year.


Prior to July, individual states began telling their people not to show up anymore. One such individual in Virginia’s 29th Infantry Division, who I’ll humorously refer to as “Bob,” was given such an order in May.

Counseling from Bob’s commander

Bob’s command told him he was being moved to the IRR (Individual Readiness Reserve) and had him turn in his equipment to CIF (Central Issue Facility). Bob was cut loose from the National Guard and thought that was the end of it.

Now, after the vaccine mandate was repealed, many states are telling the personnel they ordered to not come to drill that they will be considered AWOL (absent without leave) if they don’t return to their units by March of 2023.

Bob is a bit different. His command told him to kick rocks. They told him he was being reassigned to the IRR and had him turn his gear in. An individual with my time and experience in service might think that a lateral movement to another component doesn’t quite work like that, though I’ll say that even I don’t understand the ins and out of the National Guard. What I do know is this young E4 was told he was done, he followed the orders he was given to turn in his equipment, and he left.

However, his unit is now trying to say he and other members of his unit have been AWOL this whole time, despite them being ordered to not attend drill.

Example of false yet coercive statements from leadership

This is a prime example of the Pentagon’s shadow policy. The public is given official messaging and assurances from the DOD that rarely, if ever, translate to the servicemember. The military has been decimated under the lawless weight of the mandate which was executed under illegal guidance. Servicemembers from every component continue to be threatened, coerced and punished for refusing the vaccine. Whether they’re denied promotions, schools, or in this case being told they were AWOL despite obeying the orders of their commander per the directive given in FRAGO 26, the abuse never ends.

Here is my unabashed response to those who ask whether they should enlist or not: no one in America should enlist to serve this country until every single, currently serving General and Admiral has been removed from service or resigned.

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1 year ago

Is this their latest game? You can’t kick someone out from the military solely due to the clot shot. But you can put them out for being AWOL! Yet another example of the shell games they play, even when it is obvious the Proximate Cause for all of this is the vaccine mandate, which itself was dubious and the proper drugs (Cominarty) were NOT provided to anybody.

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