Afghan orphan dies from pneumonia after being turned away at HKIA and not having access to basic medicine

A young Afghan girl, in the care of an American citizen, succumbed to pneumonia in a hospital in Mazār-i-Sharīf, Afghanistan.

The girl was one of the many Afghans who were associated with, or in the care of, an American and were denied access to the airport in Kabul where evacuations were taking place.

Over the last several weeks, the situation in Afghanistan has become bleak for many due to the failing economy and lack of basic necessities. As supplies dwindle, the ability to replenish them grows more difficult by the day.

Struggling to breathe as her American caretaker, who refused to leave country without the orphans in her care, watches on

The likelihood of avoidable situations such as this will continue to rise as the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. My desire isn’t to stir the mob but simply to memorialize the dead. Children are often the largest population group to suffer in the wake of catastrophic human events. This is far from a singular event in the scheme of human suffering, but it can still serve as a condemning reminder of the weight of our decisions and the consequences of those decisions when we lack regard for the well being of our fellow man.

The doctor states in Farsi, “she did not have to die.”
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