The “Principled” Clown

In today’s most recent episode of Clown World, we were able to witness the most laughable testimony given by the world’s greatest clown “General” Mark Milley. He sat sanctimoniously in the House Armed Services Committee for roughly six hours taking mostly softball questions alongside “SECDEF” Lloyd Austin, and “General” Kenneth McKenzie. As you can imagine (as the majority of senior leaders do) they played the blame game and tried to point the finger at the Doha Agreement, the Afghans, the corrupt Afghan government (who we installed), and anything/anyone other than themselves.

The three stooges: General Mark Milley (Left), Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (Center), and General Kenneth McKenzie (Right)

However, in the midst of all of these boring excuses and stories, there was a jaw-dropping moment of this hearing that made my brain self-destruct almost immediately. This moment occurred when Senator Tom Cotton asked “General” Mark Milley why he has not tendered his resignation. The response speaks for itself.

Yes, the sitting JCOS sat in front of national television and exclaimed that he has not resigned yet because “The service members at Abbey Gate never got the chance to resign.” How could any “General” sit in front of the nation and say he will not resign while he uses our honored dead to cover his negligent and incompetent conduct? If you dissect his answer further, the “Principled” clown man proclaims that “This country does not want Generals figuring out what orders we’re going to accept and do or not, that’s not our job.” and “The Principle of civilian control of the military is critical to this republic.” It’s not surprising that this buffoon forgot his own “values” and “principles”. Earlier this year it was reported by Newsmax that Mark Milley undermined President Trump and the civilian leadership (the ones Milley holds so dear) to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in the waning days of the Trump administration. Not to mention, that this is also the same individual who circumvented the chain of command to usurp power from a sitting United States president. So when you take his words and compare them with his actions, General Mark Milley is not principled at all. He only takes the orders of those who align with his political ideology and personal interests.

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