Air Force ignores Federal Judge’s ruling and presses forward with discharges

The Air Force has made the brazen decision, yet seemingly commonplace amongst SECDEF Lloyd Austin’s DOD, to continue discharging Airmen who have refused to be vaccinated with an emergency vaccine.

On July 14, 2022, Judge McFarland, from the Southern District of Ohio, ordered a temporary injunction against the Air Force which prevents any unit within the Department of the Air Force from discharging or conducting any punitive action against a servicemember who has applied for a religious accommodation from the Covid 19 vaccine for 14 days.

However, in keeping with the finer traditions of ignoring congress or the laws passed by congress, the Air Force has decided to show solidarity with the Department of Defense by ignoring Judge McFarland’s ruling and pushing forward with discharges against their Airmen anyways.

The ruling ordered the immediate halt of all discharges; however, a Pararescue Craftsman, also known as a “PJ,” was given his pink slip in the form of a DD214 and kicked out today, July 19.

This isn’t simply a case of “oops, we didn’t know” (which the military likes to pretend is the case more often than you’d be comfortable knowing), because emails like the one below went out all across the force on July 15.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. MSgt Nick Kupper, an extremely prominent Airman in the fight against the unlawful order to receive an emergency use vaccine, detailed what he and other Airmen are going through on Tucker Carlson’s show last week.

MSgt Kupper stated on his Twitter feed that his command is pushing forward with his discharge as well.

I wouldn’t be wrong in stating that rule of law is dead in the DOD. Congress simply doesn’t see a rogue military as an issue as long as they stay woke while continuing to suppress religious rights and place our female servicemembers in harms way.

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1 year ago

Chief: I am one of the attorneys in the class action case against the AF. If you have information about violations of the TRO issued by Judge McFarland, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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