Air Force: “You’re a member of a protected class” Also Air Force: “You’re actually not protected at all since we refuse to obey the law”

I am 100% confident the DOD will not obey the law. Why would they? Because it’s the “right” thing to do? We’re all adults here, so let’s stop playing make believe and state the facts. If no one actually enforces the law as dictated by congress and ruled on by the judicial branch, then the law is just make believe as well. I already wrote about the Air Force refusing to obey a federal judge, but here we are again, and it’s not going to get better until you, the American Citizen, do something about it.

Baylor University’s Air Force ROTC program has acknowledged the injunction placed on the Air Force by Judge McFarland in Ohio on August 15, 2022, which states that (summed up) Airmen who have submitted a religious accommodation cannot be punished or discharged for refusing the Covid vaccine.

In a memo given to a current cadet which is dated August 17, the Air Force told the cadet:

You are a protected class member under the preliminary injunction order in the Doster V. Kenall case. Even those (sic) the court order stated “(iii) Defendants shall not refuse tto accept for commissioning or enlistment any inductee or appointee due to their refusal to get vaccinated for COVID-19 due to their sincerely held religious beliefs.” per SWR/CC guidance, unvaccinated RAR cadets will not be able to commission unless fully vaccinated.

They didn’t take a break, move the contradiction to another page, or even separate the two thoughts by paragraph. They outline what the judge said, what class the cadet falls into, then told him “tough luck; kick rocks” in the same breath.

Folks, we’ve moved far beyond the threshold of where the “tipping point” lies. The DOD is a rogue and lawless organization at this point, and there hasn’t been one, single, active duty flag officer who has stood up to repudiate the brazen lawlessness we’re seeing. The DOD is not going to suddenly upend the freedoms of America’s citizens overnight. It’s going to be a slow, gradual march into totalitarianism. If you’re in denial and refuse to acknowledge the writing on the wall at this point, I’m not certain what it will take to convince you. However, the consequence for ignorance will be a burden we all bear.

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  1. Same thing is happening to me currently, although I haven’t been issued any memo. HQ refuses to give me TDY orders to go to my pre-commissioning pilot physical (pre-req for commissioning), and my Detachment cadre says that my commissioning is “pending”.

  2. You’d like to believe some of the theories about “the plan” and how it’s all gonna get better soon and how the Austin’s and Donohues are going to get theirs… But so many people are being mistreated in the meantime…its disgraceful.

    These losers at the top will simply go down with the ship but will unfortunately just float away in obscurity. We won’t get our vengeance… Maybe some… That will be worth it for me still

  3. I’m so thankful for our military and it breaks my heart how badly they’re being treated. Look what they did to General Michael Flynn and others. They need to get the death penalty for what they’re doing.

  4. Absolute lawlessness. But I guess we should be expecting this from them now – they don’t care about law if it is in anyway between them and their goals. So critical to get/keep these people out of office and positions of authority in any way possible.

  5. Ah, good old taking advantage of a loophole. Can’t stop them from going to school. Can’t punish them. But the courts never said anything about commissioning, so lets withhold that. And let’s do it in the name of Readiness and Deployability! That’ll keep the courts happy…… Disgusting.