America’s silent war – Part 1

In the interest of “The 30 Second Blog,” I’m going to break this down into four parts. Yuri Bezmenov highlights the four stages of ideological subversion. Yuri was a Soviet defector and KGB operative who specialized in Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion. In this interview from 29 years ago, he discusses the four stages of ideological subversion and the KGB’s effort to collapse America from within. His words are strikingly reflective of our current society. (Stage one starts at the marked point and ends at 6:20.)

Stage 1: Demoralization

There are some big takeaways here. First, demoralization is complete and irreversible. If I break down Yuri’s words (as he’s the expert), then I’d simply point out that arguing with a fool only makes you a fool in return. Arguing with a creature who’s accepted the SUbjective over the OBjective is a futile effort. It’s frustrating, right?!! You ask yourself, “how can this person be so STUPID??!!”

Stop, full halt; you are applying logic to the illogical. Psychiatrists will often tell the family of crazy people that understanding their loved one’s condition isn’t possible. Even psychiatrists don’t understand it. They know what it is, the symptoms and signs, often times how to treat it, but it’s impossible to understand the inner trappings of a mentally ill person’s brain. So is the situation we find ourselves in within American today. We are under the assumption that others love this country, its constitution, and would fight for it if need be. More and more we’re finding that’s not the case. There are people who want America to fall on its face, and they’ll use any and every means to achieve that goal. There are the willing and knowing who have been radicalized, and there are those who I call “useful idiots;” they don’t know how stupid they are, but they’re still a benefit to those who DO know because they’ll blindly follow along and fight for the cause.

Yuri goes on to talk about how the demoralization process is complete, and this was 29 years ago! He says the success of stage one could never have been envisioned on such a level. Americans are turning on other Americans. Why? Because of a lack of moral standards! Yes! Without covering the upper echelon of depravity, let’s just cover one of the great, moral failures in our society: lying. We lie to our friends, loved ones, spouses and children. This happens everywhere, all the time, with hardly any regard anymore. We justify our lying until we’ve become so immune to the prick of our conscience that we don’t even need to justify it any more. Lying is as easy as breathing! This kind of lying often leads to pathological behavior and is a trait found within narcissists and sociopaths. Is it any wonder that a conversation with a socialist/communist sympathizer (I say sympathizer because they haven’t actually LIVED under communism, they just have that wonderful utopian idea in their head) often ends with so much frustration? They think subjectively, emotions are greater than facts, and evidence to the contrary of whatever supposition they may have formed will be disregarded in its entirety no matter HOW strong it may be.

Dismissing progressive/socialist ideology within our institutions of learning as merely boneheaded theory has cost us decades in America and led us to the point we’re at now. Even if we started turning the tide on these dangerous, Marxist beliefs, it would take 15-30 years to “right the ship” according to Yuri. It involves teaching the next generation so they’ll eventually supplant the generation before them. What we’re seeing along the border right now is a symptom of this ideology. The media and government will lie with impunity about what’s taking place, because the ends justify the means. You’ll even question whether the logical, common sense thoughts, and possibly FACTS you have, are actually real, because the opposition will tell you otherwise. We are well past BEING radicalized; we HAVE been radicalized.

Our nation is being turned inside out by Marxist-Communist Ideology. It is a greater threat to our way of life than anything you will hear or see in the news, and it threatens to overturn every way of life this country celebrates. It would see you dead for not being the right skin color, sexual orientation, for reading the wrong piece of literature, or for literally anything else the state decided was not copacetic and decided to have you executed for. Go ahead and tell the fool on social media that he’s wrong, but do yourself a favor and refrain from investing emotional energy. You can’t convince them, regardless of the evidence you bring forth. Don’t dismiss their worth as a “useful idiot” though. Until the tanks plow them into the soil as fertilizer for their utopian crops, they’ll be extremely useful to the enemy of our constitution.