Cadet discharged for refusing illegal orders sent tab for tuition fees, while Biden relieves debt for rest of nation

Cadets across the country, who were discharged for refusing a mandate that didn’t legally provide them with an FDA approved vaccine or honor their request for a religious accommodation (both of which are written into law), are getting the bill for their tuition. You might want to argue and claim they didn’t fulfill their contractual obligation by obeying a lawful order. I’m going to direct you to the second link and ask you, politely, to not be a muppet.

(Definition of muppet: A person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything)

A cadet was recently discharged for not taking the vaccine. He was ordered to get vaccinated, but if you went to the second link, then you’re aware that it’s against the law to require a servicemember to receive an emergency use drug of any kind. If you’re reading this, you’re likely well versed on the subject. (If not, go to the second link…)

The former cadet just received a bill for $16,800.

Of course, this bill lands right in the middle of a battle in Congress regarding tuition in which President Biden has promised to relieve $10,000 in student debt for most individuals. Biden stated,

That’s 20 million people who can start getting on with their lives. All this means that people can finally start to crawl out from under that mountain of debt.

People can finally start to get on with their lives? Really? Everyone except the veterans and cadets you abandoned, right Mr. President? We get it; you’re getting really good at abandoning Americans. Why stop now?

The former cadet who this bill belongs to, William, is 23 years old. He married his wife last September with the intent to serve his country as an officer after he graduated. Prior to grad school and joining ROTC, he was the director of youth ministry at a Catholic parish in Mississippi. William told me,

The debt the army placed on us prevented my wife and I from being missionaries after graduation like we had hoped. God provides and we both have great jobs, but the debt has been a huge burden on us.

The real kicker here is that Military Academies in general have seen their application numbers dive into the dirt. This is also in conjunction with the worst recruiting numbers the DOD has seen since military service became an all volunteer force in 1973.

I can’t image WHY they can’t get enough people to sign up! It must be that windfall economy the left keeps talking about and all of the amazing opportunities steering people away from service!

Or maybe it’s because this administration broke faith with the servicemembers entrusted to their care. Maybe it’s because they refuse to obey the law, and in so doing they’ve created an environment that forces obedience to unlawful orders or give up their careers and everything they’ve worked for in service to their nation. I’m no rocket surgeon, but I think it’s the second one. I also think the nation’s youth are more tuned in than they think they are, and they don’t want any part of it.

(If you want to donate to help William pay his bill, you can click the link below which will take you to his verified Give Send Go account. For app users, click here)

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1 year ago

Yeah. I wonder what’s gonna happen to the junior CGOs like me who haven’t finished their initial service obligations and are gonna be forced to pay back scholarships and stuff if/when we get kicked out?

There’s no way most of us can even pay all of it back at this point, especially those of us who could only afford go to college because DoD was paying.

1 year ago

True insanity. Thanks for sharing and helping out William.

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