Pentagon quietly preparing active duty troops to respond to protests from the right

The Biden Administration has made it clear where their priorities lie within the scope of national defense lately, and it’s not from outside our borders. President Biden has stated in both speech and policy that he views Republicans, or “MAGA” as he’s so aptly labeled anyone on the right, as the true threat to the United States.

Last night during Biden’s speech, he mentioned the following:

  • China: 0
  • Crime: 0
  • Inflation: 0
  • Fentanyl: 0
  • The Border: 0
  • Charlottesville: 1
  • January 6th: 2
  • Insurrection: 3
  • Donald Trump: 3
  • Extremism: 7
  • Violence: 10
  • MAGA: 13
  • Republicans: 16

At the end of January, a protest in Canada brought the nation to its knees for several weeks. Truckers, who were opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate implemented by the Canadian Government, parked their trucks in the middle of major thoroughfares in Canada which not only locked down supplies but traffic as well. They were likened to far right extremists.

Fearing this type of anti-government protest would spring up in the United States as well, early precautions were taken at the federal level to counteract attempts by truckers in the U.S. who were trying to do the same thing in Washington D.C.

About 800 National Guardsmen were requested “to provide support at traffic control points in and around the district” and stand ready in case of “possible disruptions at key traffic arteries”.

However, what wasn’t reported were the preparations being taken by active duty troops in response to a contingency on U.S. soil they may be required to respond to.

The 3d U.S. Infantry, or “The Old Guard” as it’s more commonly known, handed out a messaging sheet to each soldier in the event they were ordered to respond to such a contingency while the truckers were actively planning their protest.

The messaging appears to prepare individuals to know how to respond to the media in the event a cataclysmic event were to take place.

Some of the messaging states:

We offer our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy, and an enduring commitment to all those affected.

With widespread infrastructure damage, power loss and communications impacts, the next few days will be challenging. We must all do what we can to maximize safety and not over-burden response mechanisms.

It goes on to say:

Rapid response to [INCIDENT] are critical parts of the Army mission, ably and expertly performed across the Total Army Force by Active, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers.

What exactly did the Pentagon believe was going to happen when a bunch of truck drivers parked their trucks in D.C. and protested government mandates? At the time, soldiers in D.C. messaged me and raised their concern that some kind of false flag operation was going to take place. This is how alarmed they were by the messaging they’d been handed.

The wording used in the messaging which states that “active” duty troops would be used, along with the messaging guidance being handed to an active duty unit, raised even more concerns.

Posse Comitatus states  “Whoever, except in cases and under circum­stances expressly author­ized by the Consti­tu­tion or Act of Congress, will­fully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comit­atus or other­wise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

There is a very real and palpable fear that our government is laying the ground work to use active duty military as a police force against U.S. citizens; not just any citizen, but those who specifically fall on the political right and would oppose harsh government overreach and abuse of power.

The argument could be made that sending this type of messaging to troops, who would be called upon to conduct military operations against U.S. citizens, is an attempt by the Pentagon to lessen resistance in the future.

This administration has been very specific with their theming and messaging as of late.

A real picture of President Biden during a speech on September 1, 2022

While the President made it clear in his speech last night that he views Republicans as the greatest threat to democracy, the Pentagon is quietly purging its ranks of Christians and others who traditionally favor a conservative, right leaning ideology. It’s a slow, brick by brick effort to shape the armed forces into an element that embraces radical liberalism while simultaneously indoctrinating its members to view those on the right as enemies of the United States.

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1 year ago

100% they are grooming the military to be both entirely beholden to the govt, and totally willing to commit high crimes against Americans when ordered.

Kelly Tewson
Kelly Tewson
1 year ago

This administration def took a turn last night, leaving any doubt behind. This article is TRUTH. Weaponizibg our military against its own law-abiding citizens. God have mercy on us.

1 year ago

i just wanted to serve my country and do what I thought was right. I knew I couldn’t get the vaccine because of my religion and my moral compass. I trusted my instinct. I knew something was wrong. I submitted my religious appeal thinking surely they aren’t this evil to actually do what they’re saying and dishonorably discharge people because Eid their religious beliefs.
Then my enlisted to officer package got sabotaged. Followed by my denied religious exemption.

I appealed, to which the conversation with my chaplain led to my chaplain calling me a “sea lawyer” cussing at me on the phone. I felt gaslit, betrayed, abandoned. I didn’t want to live. I grabbed my gun and put it to my head and pulled the trigger.
I guess the last time I cleaned it, i didn’t leave one in the chamber. Realizing what I just did, I took myself to Portsmouth medical center, and told them what happened.

Talk about the worst 12 hours ever. Waiting in the waiting room, sitting there. With my insides eating me up.
now suddenly they’re able to get me into see mental health, tomorrow even!

When I was on a 4+ month waiting list.

That was November 2021. Finally in with the doctor, I explain everything.
From my Lpo committing suicide in 2020, breaking my hand from an episode, to all the invasive thoughts of wishing it was me. they recommended me for separation. I never felt so happy yet so devastated in my life. okay cool, I won’t get dishonorable discharged for the vaccine, but now I’m looked at as a sell-out, fake, “mental health medical separation” loser

So they processed me out, in the most asinine way possible, giving me a 1 day notice I was getting separated.
And here I am. 5 months from separation. Unemployed, applying for work everywhere. can’t get a job, and every day I just wish I got the fucking vaccine and stayed in the navy. I loved what I did. I loved being someone and mattering. Now I’m just a guy 30 days from adding to the homeless vet population, selling off anything I have to try and make money, contemplating taking the easy way out again, every single day.
This wasn’t supposed to end this way.

Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

There are many out there who served in the Navy and felt this way at some point. Not just in relation to the vaccine. I created an account this morning just to tell you that you aren’t alone and nothing is worth releasing your principles or your life. Right now you feel as if they look down on you, and they probably do. Right now you feel you don’t have a purpose, because what you gave your all to and what you are amazing at – you aren’t going to be doing anymore. You’re struggling to rush and find a career for income as a civilian, nobody is assisting you from within because they have written you off, and you are feeling that isolation and worry. I’m here to tell you many have gone through the same. You’re not alone in feeling the corruption of shitty leadership. They tell us all that being processed out of the Navy will be the worst thing that will happen to you, a career ruining experience. That jobs won’t want you or they won’t pay similar benefits and they tell you that you’ll struggle. This was common to hear when I was in 09-2015.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For 2 years I struggled to reconcile and accept things. I was so damn good at my job. I was an EP Sailor. I was MPOQ in my department/org JUST (I mean 30 days before) before getting separated. Suddenly I was a pariah overnight. Suddenly I had Chiefs pulling me into the Cafe to tell me they’d deny it if I ever repeated it, but they believed what was happening was wrong and they weren’t supposed to be talking to me because the command and department had put out not to interact or association would be drawn and they could be UCMJd too. They told me their hands were tied because they’d lose their promotability.

Who you are, is not indefinitely tied to who you have been for the Navy. You were a person before and you can be an even better version of you AFTER, with lessons from your time in. You may not feel proud right now because of those who are surrounding you and making you feel like less.

But I am proud of you. I know others would say the same- others I know who have been kicked out for refusing, others who caved because they were terrified of losing their 19 and a half years of work and retirement options (who are now suffering). I know SEALs who would be proud of you. I know Officers, who would be proud of you. You have NOT bent your principles to the social pressure of an entire command. Your JAG is a douche, but welcome to the reality of most JAG. There’s an issue with our JAG system when they are supposed to “help us” but they’re mutually there to protect a command. Their loyalty when command VS. Sailor is most often – command first.

I am proud of you. I am fighting like you. And I hope you continue to stand. I hope you choose to survive. I hope your choice to survive and forcing yourself to stand everyday will bring you to a break somewhere in the line where it begins to turn around and you see too – that life outside of the Navy is just another beginning. And all those people treating you like shit right now, they’re wrong. And their opinions have very little value.


Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

My brother in Christ, don’t ever give up. If that means flipping burgers momentarily, you do it with pride. There is no shame in doing honest work to provide for oneself. Don’t ever sacrifice your principles nor convictions to these secular demons. Reach out to any of us and we will do what we can to help

Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

Hey brother. I hate that this has happened to you. Sounds like you’re in the same area as me and if you’d like to reach out I’m here for you.

Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

What city are you in?

Reply to  Billy
1 year ago

Tampa bay

Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

Retired Army Master Sergeant here. You are here for a reason. I know you’re trying to figure it out and I need you to know that all the answers are out there. I need you to keep pushing until you find them. And when you think you’re stuck, I need you to check in right here just like this and we will reach out to you just like this. Whenever you have those unhelpful thoughts I need you to label them so you can recognize them when they come. Is is anger or sadness? When I get angry I call it “the Incredible Hulk”. Call it whatever you want to and when they show up, I need you to think of a stop sign and make them stop. The mind is a wonderful thing. You can do whatever you set your mind to. I need you to reframe your thoughts and be purposeful about it. You said ” I loved being someone and mattering.” Reframe that to say you do matter and you are someone. You don’t need anyone’s approval to say so. Claim what you know is yours. End every negative thought with a positive one. I need you to practice this. I appreciate very much that you are here and I want you around…so take time to feel sad and get it out of your system. Then I need you to get back in the fight and keep pushing. You’ve been training for this your entire life and you’re putting that training to good use. Your mission in life is not over. We are here for you so don’t forget to check in. This is very important.

Reply to  boatswainmate
1 year ago

“Now I’m just a guy 30 days from adding to the homeless vet population”.
I’m seeing this roughly 30 days later. I pray you’ve found a window God has opened for you, but, if you need a home, I have a spare room. I live humbly, but I’m happy to share what I have. I’m all the way out in Colorado, but if the Lord wills it, you’ll find a way to get here.
I’m on the edge of a smallish town, not too far from the city. Beautiful views. Peaceful. Lots of wildlife. The vast majority of people here are very kind and patriotic sorts, too, who are always willing to help others.
If you’re in a bind, hit me up, or get ahold of Danny (aka Chief) and he can get you in contact with me. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.
If you do see this, please do post something to let the good people here know how you’re doing. We care, and will help any way we can. God bless you!

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