CSM of 3ID says something ironic about professionalism while having absolutely zero himself

What do you do when you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career and think you’re more important than you actually are? Well, if you’re in 3rd Infantry Division, you unnecessarily act like a complete prick in a mass email and assert your dominance by pissing on the metaphorical fire hydrant of military customs and courtesies.

I cut the “to” line out of the picture, but this douchebag cc’d just about everyone with rank on Fort Stewart. I guess he’s right though; that squirrelly major should have reached out to one of the CSM’s ‘assistance’ and asked first. Clearly this man doesn’t have the time to be bothered or simply reply with a “did it already.” I’m sure he has tons of advice and mentorship he needs to provide to the CG who in no way cares and doesn’t listen to this uneducated fool anyways.

“But I got my master’s at American Military University!”

probably this guy

You might be thinking, “well what did the initial email say? Maybe this major really needed a good tongue lashing.”

Now I get it; this officer was clearly out of line for…..doing work!

Anyways, this kind of behavior is nothing we haven’t all experienced at some point, but it serves as an important reminder that rank alone doesn’t elevate you to a lofty and respectable standing with your subordinates. You can make it all the way to the tippy top and still be a complete bag of wet dog shit. Thank you, Quentin, for reminding us all what we should aspire not to be.

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