Taliban Executes Brother of Interpreter Who Helped US

There’s a lot of garbage getting pushed through the media right now. In the pursuit of this mind numbingly, hypocritical defense of the Biden Administration’s seemingly purposeful effort to shit the bed on twenty years of sacrificed American blood and treasure, the media has been jumping through hoops at warp speed to make the Taliban not seem quite as bad as Trump, but maybe a little worse than Martha Stewart.

The mental gymnastics, while publicly disavowing any previous attempts at pretending they had even a shred of integrity left, truly is the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. Bad people will do bad things, but for our news media to join up with them and provide top cover is appalling in every way.

I got a chance to speak to the family of Hamid Jaan who’s mentioned in the facebook post below.


Hamid’s older brother worked with the US as an interpreter in Afghanistan. He was able to get out of country on August 14, 2021, but his brother wasn’t as fortunate. He was executed simply for being related to someone who worked with the US.

The family had to see their son on Facetime to view his body. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

You see, while Jen Psaki and all her buddies in the press are talking in such glowing terms about the Taliban and how they’re really not such bad guys after all (even though they’re still a designated terrorist organization, and we just spent two decades at war with them for giving safe haven to OTHER terrorists who killed thousands of our countrymen), This is the reality of life in Afghanistan.

Hamid’s father and brother weeping as they see his body on Facetime

So much for the Taliban’s promise to seek no “revenge” that our news media reported on and gobbled up like malnourished dogs at an all you can eat buffet. Killing young men whose relatives worked with the US is definitely not revenge, right? I guess he just had that one a comin’!

The truth is, Biden and his Pentagon lapdogs sank the credibility of our nation to the bottom of a septic tank. By doing so, they’ve made this country much more vulnerable and less safe, and all who seek to hurt us have surely taken notice and are looking for any means to exploit that realization.

I’m simply a blogger, but let me be the first to apologize to the family of Hamid Jaan for the treacherous way in which we abandoned our oaths and gave their loved ones almost no chance at living. If it’s any consolation (which it’s not), we abandoned plenty of our own countrymen as well, so It’s not like it was a citizenship thing (liberals DEFINITELY don’t want to be marked as racist or xenophobic; priorities)!

There will be more and more atrocities that pour out over the weeks and months, and we’ll be resigned to watch them in helpless anger. Be assured though, whatever this admin and their bought and paid for crony puppets in the media tell you, the Taliban are evil. They are a wretched, vile haven of rot who have latched on to power under the guise of religious ideology. Don’t be the fool who placates for them or this administration under the pseudo shroud of intelligent discourse.

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