Documented personnel being beaten by Taliban and turned away at checkpoint despite agreement with US

Checkpoints have been established throughout Kabul by the Taliban to prevent people from reaching HKIA (Hamid Karzai International Airport). Despite the Taliban publicly agreeing to allow “safe passage” from Afghanistan for civilians, they are stopping personnel and turning them away from HKIA, often beating them and even killing them in the process.

Taliban checkpoint preventing access to Baron Hotel – Baron is a main processing hub for departing personnel
Satellite imagery of Taliban checkpoints preventing personnel from gaining access to Baron Hotel

Coalition forces are working rapidly to receive and process documentation to evacuate personnel, but those who have documentation and are confirmed on the manifest can’t even access the area. The threat of violence and death is turning many away, even though a supposed agreement exists between Taliban and Coalition Forces.

Unless coalition forces intervene and force the Taliban to honor their agreement, both Afghan and American personnel will continue to be denied access to extraction points and ultimately be forgotten about when coalition forces withdraw permanently from Afghanistan.

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