Fort Bliss – Unvaccinated illegal immigrants? Yup! Your unvaccinated family members? Not a chance!

Who remembers when Fort Bliss decided to provide food and lodging smack dab in the middle of post for thousands of illegal immigrants? It just happened this past summer, so you should remember. The camps, which are still going strong, were created not even a mile away from on post housing where soldiers and their family members live.

Maybe you’ll also recall how those camps came under intense scrutiny after they were accused of having “subpar conditions, limited services, prolonged stays and mental health issues among boys and girls housed there.”

Or, you MIGHT remember when the NY Post released shocking audio indicating staff members at the on post facility had sexually abused minors in their custody. According to the same article, “The leaked audio came days after a pair of whistleblowers filed a report alleging that federal officials sought to hush up a severe COVID-19 outbreak at Fort Bliss facility, which has housed up to 5,000 young migrants at a time during this year’s record-breaking border surge.”

Now, Fort Bliss is telling personnel that all facility access on post will require either proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours for visiting family members.

A group message sent to students at the Sergeant Major Academy

To be clear, the installation has essentially declared that non-citizens, who have illegally entered the country, will be given priority over your family members; you, who have served this nation, along with your family who has shared in your hardships and may want to celebrate the success of you graduating the Sergeant Major Academy, will take a backseat to the priorities and politics of those in leadership. Thanks for your service, but also not really.

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Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones
2 years ago


Dan Mealey
2 years ago

Never a surprise that the DOD or government blob does dumb ???? that doesn’t make sense. Debating on dropping that retirement packet… more tallies in the pro column daily….

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