Executive Officer of MSRON-8, Commander Robert Green Jr., relieved days after judge rules in lawsuit that used Green’s complaint against Vice Admiral Nowell as evidence

Commander Robert Green Jr., the Executive Officer of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron EIGHT (MSRON-8), was relieved of his duties for refusing to obey an unlawful order to submit to Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) testing. Captain Jeffery Grant, Commodore of Maritime Expeditionary Security Group TWO (MESG-2), relieved Commander Green and reassigned him to the staff of MESG-2.

The firing comes days after a judge’s ruling in a lawsuit which used Commander Green’s complaint against Vice Admiral Nowell. The complaint showed evidence of violations of law and regulation that proved a key element in the preliminary injunction ruling in the U.S. Navy Seals v. Biden case in federal court in the Northern District of Texas.  Commander Green filed an internal Navy complaint, called an Article 1150, against Vice Admiral John Nowell for religious discrimination on December 23, 2021.  The complaint provides supporting documentation showing a Standard Operating Procedure, written by Vice Admiral Nowell’s staff and utilized by him, which violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and other Navy DoD regulations.  This complaint was filed as an exhibit in federal court and was cited multiple times by Judge O’Connor in his January 3, 2022 ruling.

The firing also comes on the same day Commander Green provided his complaint to both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act. In the complaint, he highlights the Navy’s documented religious discrimination and asks members of both committees to demand accountability of senior leadership and to join in the call to end religious discrimination.

Commander Green with his wife and six, soon to be seven, children

In an email notifying the MSRON-8 crew of the firing, Commander Green’s chain of command noted his professionalism and excellent work stating “CDR Green leaves huge shoes to fill.” Despite Commander Green’s exemplary service, the Department of Defense has made it clear that individuals who refuse to receive the vaccine, despite the lack of availability of a FDA approved version having been produced, will not remain in a leadership position. Numerous middle to senior leaders have already been been relieved for either refusing the vaccine, speaking out against it, or both.

The timing of Commander Green’s relief is what’s in question, however. Even though the Navy issued a suspense date of November 28, 2021 for its active component to receive the vaccine, Commander Green was not relieved until January 7, 2022, four days after Judge O’Connor issued his ruling.

Command retaliation would further entrench the Navy in a pattern of unlawful behavior. The military relies on lawful conduct to maintain order and discipline. The Navy retaliating against a whistleblower, who exposes unlawful conduct, jeopardizes the stability of our armed forces and the national security of the United States.

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Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas
2 years ago

BZ CDR Green!
Your strength and courage is highly commended but unfortunately, very lacking among your peers.

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