Fort Rucker is requiring Aviation students to join in the recruiting effort

Student pilots at Fort Rucker are being called upon to give their aid in the recruiting effort. Company Commanders and Platoon Leaders have been sending out text messages to the students letting them know they have to have a face to face with each soldier to discuss whether they personally know anyone who wants to join the military.

I’m told that it’s a requirement of every class and every group in holding. The cadre “seems like they feel silly for even having to ask or being tasked with it.”

It may not be a monumental task, but it’s a clear indicator of how desperate the military is to recruit more people. Recruiting is the worst it’s been since the all volunteer force became a reality in 1973.

I’ve received messages from all over the army letting me know that recruiters are involuntarily being held in their positions past their tenure while 2LTs straight out of BOLC (Basic Officer Leader Course) are being sent to recruiting stations to help where they can.

If they’re not qualified, sign them up anyways; we can always send them to the Army’s new fat camp for stupid people.

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