GEN Brito is now in command; it’s time for MG Donahoe’s pool side vacation to end

General Funk changed command last week, and a lot of people were surprised when they found out. I’m not sure why considering I told you over a month ago he was retiring. I guess it’s because he was tapped to be Chief of Staff of the Army someday, and his sudden departure left people surprised.

GEN McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army, handing off the colors to GEN Brito

General Funk is under investigation for TDY Fraud. Major General Donahoe is currently the “special assistant” to the TRADOC Commanding General for the numerous investigations he’s still under.

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Therein lies the question: is there any chance of accountability now that GEN Funk isn’t sitting in the seat to protect Donahoe? And what about Funk himself? Will he be called up to D.C. to be “special assistant” to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army?

A high ranking Command Sergeant Major recently told me, “the word on the street is that GEN Brito has been told to clean house.”

General Gary Brito

I’m not about to sing the praises of any Flag Officer, but based on the personal opinions of a number of individuals I trust and respect, GEN Brito is a different breed and may very well accomplish this task.

It’s a well known fact that Brito and Donahoe don’t like each other. When I say well known, I mean numerous Field Grade and Junior Officers, plus SNCOs, have told me that the two publicly made it clear they did not like each other.

GEN Brito was the Commanding General of Fort Benning and the MCOE (Maneuver Center of Excellence) prior to MG Donahoe.

Change of command between Donahoe and Brito in 2020

When Brito left Benning, Donahoe is alleged to have publicly disparaged him, and on numerous occasions. The unprofessional manner in which Donahoe is said to have done this was so rampant that completely unrelated people have nonchalantly messaged and told me in casual conversation, as if it was a humorous joke and everyone was in on it.

The bottom line is that if GEN Brito doesn’t recall Donahoe from his pool side vacation to actually do work for the Major General pay he’s receiving to sit at home and play on Twitter, then it’s a signal that further organizational corruption within the General Officer ranks is abound.

A tweet from MG Donahoe’s account in August

And what about Funk? As of yet there are no indications that he’ll be recalled to D.C. to be a special assistant, as it would signal to the military at large they have another scandal on their hands at the highest levels. The last time the Army publicly dealt with corruption at the four star level, it was when GEN Kip Ward was found guilty of spending $823K in military funds. This left a huge black eye on the Army, and it was talked about for years.

In the middle of a recruiting crisis beyond anything the Army has ever experienced, the last thing they can afford are more scandals being made public, especially when the individual in question has been in charge of recruiting and training over the last three years and is partially responsible for the failed policies that have brought the Army to this point.

To the Army High Command, I’ll just say that we see you and we’re watching. Are you going to do the right thing and attempt to bring some integrity back to the ranks, or are you going to close ranks on this issue and try to make it disappear along with the rest of the current lawless behavior ruining the DOD as an organization of any merit or honor? Only time will tell.

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Kelly Tewson
Kelly Tewson
1 year ago

Thanks for the background.

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