Commanding General of TRADOC and his “special assistant” under investigation

General Paul E. Funk II and his “special assistant,” Major General Patrick Donahoe, are under investigation. Their issues are separate from one another, but the amount of corruption between the two should cause alarm for any American Citizen just waking up to how corrupt our federal government truly is.

Gen. Paul E. Funk II, Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

Our sources in the Pentagon told us GEN Funk is under investigation for TDY fraud. He has been going TDY a “suspicious amount of times to Fort Hood over the last year.” But what is TDY, and what constitutes fraud?

TDY is an acronym in the Federal Government which means “temporary duty.” When a federal employee travels on official business, they’re allotted funds to pay for that travel. Fraud, in reference to TDY, is fairly broad and can constitute a number of things from being fraudulently approved to travel in the first place (even a four star general has to be approved by a DTS official), to claiming expenses which are either inflated or flat out made up.

GEN Funk took numerous, official trips to the Fort Hood area where he’s having a house built in which he plans to move to once he retires. All of these trips to Fort Hood, which is a FORSCOM installation and one that doesn’t fall under TRADOC, raised the suspicion of some high ranking individuals who decided to peek under the hood of his broken down Jalopy and see what was going on.

Prior to taking command of TRADOC, GEN Funk was the III CORPS and Fort Hood Commanding General. However, there would be few, if any, reasons for him to visit Fort Hood on an official capacity while serving as the TRADOC Commanding General. If he wanted to visit the installation on his own dime and use the leave every soldier is allotted every year, there would be no issues. He decided to charge the government for his travels though, and therein lies the problem.

As it stands, GEN Funk will change command on September 8, 2022, while the Army inevitably tries to keep the lid on the fact that a four star general has (allegedly) been sticking his hand in the cookie jar and abusing his position.

What about his “special assistant,” MG Patrick Donahoe?

I will use this picture of Donahoe every time I reference him

Donahoe was the Commanding General of Fort Benning who we covered extensively (proceed to this hyperlink to get started on your journey). He changed command on July 14, 2022 and led the twittersphere to believe he was sailing off into the sunset of retirement. Alas, such was not the case as we learned he was assigned to TRADOC to be GEN Funk’s bitc… I mean “special assistant.”

You see, MG Donahoe has three open investigations; yes, three. These were actually investigations the Department of the Army Inspector General’s office (DAIG) delegated to TRADOC (General Funk; that’s correct) to investigate. GEN Funk decided NOT to investigate them. We know that in at least two of the cases, no investigating officer was assigned. My speculation is that after yours truly rattled the cage enough, DAIG had a few visitors who were curious as to why Donahoe had never been investigated.

Actual post from Donahoe’s Twitter account

The real kicker is that Donahoe is not actually working for the government while he continues to collect Major General/08 pay (which comes to approximately $16365.60 a month). That “special assistant” title has him sitting at home shooting off tweets like the one above. Is he laughing at the fact he’s under investigation and can’t retire as a result? Probably. He knows nothing will come of the investigations, so he bides his time while collecting an enormous salary at the taxpayer’s expense.

The difference between these two is this: GEN Funk is “alleged” to have committed TDY Fraud. He’s under investigation, and it’s up to the investigating officer to determine whether the allegations are founded or not. MG Donahoe “did” do what he’s accused of (in at least one investigation), because he left a snail trail of evidence all over the internet for everyone to see.

Consider this when you process everything you’ve just read: TRADOC is one of only four Major Commands in the Army.

It’s literally right below the Chief of Staff of the Army. TRADOC’s Commanding General is under investigation for fraud, and the investigations he was supposed to have conducted into a subordinate Commanding General never took place. The subordinate is now collecting a massive salary while he laughs from his pool every day. I don’t think it’s funny, and if you value the integrity of our armed forces, you shouldn’t think it’s funny either.

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1 year ago

“Leaders” like that are the reason we lost in AFG. Generals so full of themselves that they don’t give a crap about honor.

We really need to fix our officer corps across all services. The top needs to be purged and the rest need to be trained to be real leaders instead of woke managers.

1 year ago

Funk doing the officer equivalent of Joes stopping by the PX for snacks after being released from the motor pool before heading back to troop. It’s stealing time/money from The Army either way, but the real question is:
Is this the corruption we care about relative to the overall degradation we see in our military organizations?

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