MG Donahoe ordered to stay in home and replaced at momentous ceremony by LTG Martin

Since its inception, every MCOE (Maneuver Center of Excellence) and Fort Benning Commanding General has gone on to receive a third star and move up in the Army, but that will not be the case with MG Patrick Donahoe. Donahoe announced his retirement recently, and if the media spin you read in the link is enough to convince you, you might believe that his tenure has been successful. What you wouldn’t read about is how he tried to cancel a college student and mobilize his followers to censor his detractors all while using his official Twitter account, as well as using that same Twitter account to fraternize and engage in inappropriate conversations with young, female officers under his command. While this has made him a liability and is likely the reason why he won’t move on to a third star, it doesn’t explain why he was allowed to continue on in command this long in the first place. Was the Army simply unaware of his behavior? No, they were aware, and they tried to act on it quietly while never taking serious action.

MG Donahoe virtue signaling with a mask in his command photo

On August 3, 2021, Fort Benning held a ceremony for the 1941 lynching death of Private Felix Hall. REP Sanford Bishop (GA) worked for years to have the Army memorialize this heinous event. A remembrance ceremony of this magnitude on Fort Benning would have surely drawn the base commander’s presence, right? Not this time.

Deputy Commanding General of TRADOC, LTG Martin, fills in for MG Donahoe at the August 3rd ceremony

Due to his antics the previous week on Twitter, MG Donahoe was directed by senior Army leaders to stay in his quarters while LTG Ted Martin flew in last minute to host REP Bishop and speak at this important event. Think about that really hard for just a minute. The Army was so upset and embarrassed by the actions of one of their highest ranking officers that they ordered him to stay in his house and not attend a ceremony, on the base he commanded, which was years in the making.

An action of this magnitude is unprecedented. How could the Commanding General of an installation be ordered to stay in their home, because their actions had brought so much shame on the Army, yet remain in command? I’ll cover this in more depth in future revelations, but for now I’ll simply tell you to look no further than General Robert Abrams. The Abrams Clique is a very real thing, and if you’re a part of it, you’re practically untouchable. Stay tuned for more as we continue to peel back the layers of nepotism and corruption which deeply plague Fort Benning and the Army at large.

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2 years ago

Pencil-necked douche wearing a mask in his command photo. Spilled my coffee when I saw this pic ?

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