Don’t Shoot the Messenger: A brief on reacting versus responding

If the last two years have shown me anything that we are constantly at each others throats if we are allowing ourselves to be led. So how about we become our own leaders? We have witnessed the ever persistent need for those in media or in some sort of leadership position to blame those that buck the status quo, but only if it is convenient.

At the beginning of the Covid debacle it was frontline doctors with treatment protocols that weren’t accepted by the right “experts.” The President and the lie about injecting bleach and other lies (this is not an exoneration just a truth). Governors opposed to mandates and lockdowns. Parents. “Anti-Vaxxers.” The problem here is, these are not the bad guys. These are targets of a corrupt media and a more corrupt bureaucracy. Perhaps our energy should be focused on these nameless and faceless people that have been stepping on your freedom rather than mocking or shaming you into otherhood. But I digress.

So in the face of two rather misunderstood and purposefully distorted news stories; the Florida “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and the potential overturning of Roe V. Wade I want everyone to actively participate in critical thinking. I am seeing protests on the steps of the Supreme Court, but why not on the steps of congress? They have had 50 years to ensure any protection one may deem is provided in the Roe ruling. That is strange to me. 

So before you react or exhibit an emotional response to any story you hear or see, first ask:

What is the source? Do they have an agenda? A bias?

Am I informed? Do I know enough about this topic to speak on it intelligently or is this a feeling, not a fact? 

Is my anger or emotion misdirected? 

Who should I actually approach to address this issue? 

Why is oppositional information a trigger? Am I conditioned to react and not respond?

Do you find your reaction incongruent with past feelings based on the political affiliation of the person making a claim or statement?

After you can be honest with yourself when answering these questions, it is my opinion, that you will have a better basis to respond and not react. We as citizens have ample common ground, and are being efficaciously used by a government full of people with self interests and a media with bias creating an almost alternate reality sometimes. We all want the same things; freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. 

Wake up wake up, it’s the first of the month. 

But hey, talk is cheap and this is just my 2 cents. 

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2 years ago

Well said, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

2 years ago

Solid insight. Thank you.

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