Government to house tens of thousands of illegal immigrants on military installations

An Army post near you may be flooded with thousands of illegal immigrants very soon. The Biden administration has decided that bringing tens of thousands of unknown foreigners onto supposedly secure installations with your family members is the best course of action. Let’s knock down what we know one installation at a time.

Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss has established a massive tent city, capable of holding 5,000 people, which will sit right in the middle of post. Local news ABC reported on it in this post.

What they DIDN’T report on is the proximity of these camps to the residential housing area on post. Let’s take a look:


Hold up; my loved ones are going to be living on a facility that was allotted enough military police for the size and population density of what currently exists there, and we’re just going to add thousands of foreigners who haven’t been vetted and are coming from some of the highest violent crime ridden countries in the world? Last I checked, military police were barely competent at handing out tickets for speeding and not wearing your seat belt, but now they’re responsible for policing 5,000 military aged males?

Oh, but DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is on the installation, and they’re going to beef up the manpower. That should suffice. Do me a favor: hope in one hand and shit in the other, and tell me which fills up first. I would be furious if my family was in proximity of that camp.

This is a memo the commanding general of Fort Bliss put out. What’s going on here?


Ooooooh, I get it; Project Veritas gets their hands on pictures of kids wrapped up in tinfoil and sleeping under bridges, so we just move the camps onto federal facilities and restrict photography. Hey, problem solved! Never mind the report of record breaking spikes in sexual assault along the border; your family is probably safe…. Hope, amirite!?

Camp Roberts

Camp Roberts Army National Guard is another facility slated to house migrant children (military aged males).

Fort Benning

This is the interesting one. Fort Benning hasn’t locked anything down yet, but DHS is pushing to house thousands of illegal immigrants in tents at Kelly Hill. My secret squirrels told me the commanding general pushed back but was told to pound sand. Apparently he was successful in getting the number reduced into the hundreds, but I can’t confirm that.

They’re supposedly going to put them at Kelley Hill. This is Kelley Hill:

Just sitting there right smack dab in the middle of all of the soft targets

You can see how it’s optimally located for convenience so the military aged males can get some snacks, drop their younger brothers off at day care, maybe enjoy a nice round of backgammon at the recreation center and then top it all of with a stabbing! Man, that sounds like a swell time!

The readers are like, “ah, man, you’re so full of shit; it’s not like they’re going to be allowed to wonder off. They’ll be strictly observed and guarded. They won’t be a danger to anyone.” Ok, smartass; go leave your kid at lockup in San Quentin. What’s the matter? They’re locked up and heavily monitored; it’s not like anything can happen!

You see, everything these assholes say is a scripted narrative. We’re soldiers; we know better than anyone how the best laid out plans never go accordingly, and we should always be prepared for contingencies. You inject thousands and thousands of MILITARY AGED MALES from CRIME RIDDEN COUNTRIES on to our federal military installations, and watch how fast DHS loses interest and says, “welp, you’re on your own, Army. Don’t worry about defending the country from foreign invaders; we brought them directly onto your installation to make it easier for you. We’re outta here! Peace!!”

We’re always talking about how, “I fight over there so my family doesn’t have to fight over here,” but that’s the thing; we ARE doing it over here. Do you have any idea how dangerous El Salvador is? For fucks sake, do you have any idea how dangerous MEXICO is??? They’re right on our Southern Border, and I’d rather walk across Helmand Province in Afghanistan BUTT ASS NAKED than go anywhere near Mexico! They skin dudes alive and let them bake in the sun! But hey, let’s just stick a few El Salvadorian MS-13 and Barrio 18 gang members all across the United States peppered across our federal installations with our wives and kids. Meanwhile, those of you who live OFF post can deal with the hassle of the slow moving traffic as your ID card is diligently scanned every morning to make sure you’re not a bad guy. Don’t want any of those to accidentally make it on to a base! This subject isn’t over, not by a long shot. Don’t forget though, hope for the best! *two thumbs down*

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