Navy removes incentive to pass PFA by wiping slate clean for failures

A recent post on the Navy’s official Human Resources Instagram page has people laughing and frustrated in the comments. According to mynavyhr, “the @usnavy has announced a one-time reset of physical fitness assessment failures for all active and reserve Sailors, empowering Commanding Officers to restore their personnel’s retention and advancement recommendations to allow those Sailors to reenlist, advance, promote, negotiate for orders, or execute other career continuation transitions such as extensions and duty station transfers.”

Screenshot from mynavyhr account

Not surprisingly, individuals who have shown up and put in the work to stay in shape and pass their PFA are not happy with the decision. Here are some of the comments:

These types of actions are what lead to piss poor performance, NOT sustained superior performance. The Sailors that actually care and put in the effort to pass and exceed expectations make the decisions to get out and lower retention because yall keep and reward Sailors that do the bare minimum. Promoting Sailors that don’t care about their well-being will reflect in the culture of their divisions and departments. It will also reflect in their response to real-world casualties at sea and in the field. Sailors need to be a physically fit to stand up the damage control lockers. Sailors need to be physically fit in order to respond to a Marine or Sailor that is injured and needs to receive medical treatment. Sailors need to be physically fit in order to respond to pilots who are stuck in an aircraft that catch on fire on the flight deck. STOP LOWERING THE DAMN STANDARD @usnavy ! Retain quality over quantity.

No incentive of keeping high standards!


Lmao move the goal post in hopes of retention let me know how that works…not a good sign for our military

All of this follows on the heels of the Navy’s decision to lower the required ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) score to 10. I think you get a 10 just for spelling your name correctly.

The Navy, and military in general, is being gutted, and instead of working to fix the issues that are actually driving recruits away, the DOD has decided to gaslight the American public by telling them safety is the reason people aren’t signing up rather than wokeness. Of course this is absurd and doesn’t mirror reality in anyway considering Americans have always rushed to sign up for service when they felt their nation had come under attack from a foreign entity (see 9/11 *cough*).

This latest move by the Navy is merely an attempt to throw water on a fire they can’t contain anymore. Lowering aptitude scores and giving everyone a “get out of jail free” card who failed their PFA, instead of pushing them to get in shape and actually pass it, is a terrible move. Expect more of the same in the future though, because being woke is how these Admirals made it to the top of the food chain in the first place, and they’re not about to give that up.

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