Oklahoma Air National Guard and Air National Guard leadership conspire to break the law after pilot dies

An email (click here) between members of the Oklahoma Air National Guard’s command team and leadership in the Air National Guard, which took place in September and October of 2021, shows a back and forth discussion where leadership conspires on how to reduce vaccine hesitancy despite their misgivings regarding the legality of the order and the death of a pilot in Oklahoma’s Air National Guard ten days after receiving the vaccine. The Director of the Air National Guard Medical Service (NGB/SG) Office of the Air Surgeon states that “my read is unit members are just using this as an excuse” when discussing members of the unit who don’t want to be vaccinated after the subsequent heart attack and death of the pilot.

The email states that a pilot died from a heart attack ten days after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine in March 2021. The pilot belonged to the 138th Fighter Wing stationed in Tulsa, OK.

The email discusses in previous correspondence the legal questions concerning the vaccine as it relates to a lack of POTUS waiver in accordance with 10 USC 1107a for EUA labeled products, which states that the President alone has the authority to waive informed consent and the authority may not be delegated (which still hasn’t happened as of the date of this article).

The entire discussion begins with Brigadier General Raymond Siegfried, the Assistant Adjutant General of the Oklahoma Air National Guard, sending an email to Major General Dawne Deskins, the Deputy Director for the Air National Guard, letting her know there is a lot of misinformation out there, and he needs help getting people over the line to take the vaccine. This is despite the fact that he would have been aware of a pilot having a heart attack in his formation and dying shortly after receiving the vaccine.

Major General Deskins responds and says she wants to help in any way they can to get Brig Gen Siegfried, or “Tray,” the info he needs to increase confidence in the vaccine so people will receive it.

Colonel Egerstrom, Director of Medical, states that the “largest concern is the legal distinction issue” implying he’s fully aware that the President has not waived a servicemember’s informed consent, and forcing an EUA vaccine on troops is against the law.

Despite the blatant hesitancy amongst the senior Air Guard leaders in the chat as to what is legal, along with the acknowledgement that a pilot died of a heart attack shortly after receiving his second dose of the Moderna vaccine, they collaborate to ensure they can figure out how to reduce vaccine hesitancy and work around the law. Admitting the law exists in writing, while conspiring to overcome it anyways, is illegal and requires an immediate investigation.

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