The Covid Files: Part 2

Since Ukraine is so heavy in the news right now as we continue to inexplicably fund their war efforts with potentially no end in sight, this is a good time to see where they fit into the Covid 19 situation. I wonder why our government is so intent on protecting their sovereignty, countries all over the world are feuding and fighting, and while we may insert ourselves to some degree, Ukraine has gotten red carpet treatment. 

There is a lot to unpack here, Johnson has been very vocal about Covid 19 and the vaccines, hmmm I don’t know. And that idiot Vindman. 

Just for some background personally, my husband and I were in Italy from 2013-2016, which was really the beginning of the US military stepping into the Ukrainian offensive in a very public way. He was in the 173rd, and they were constantly rotating in and out of the baltic region, so really this commitment to Ukraine is not new, it’s just pivoted. The military industrial complex needed some new contracts so we had to ship off all that old stuff we had lying around, just ask Raytheon, fat checks are in the mail. 

So in 2014 not only was Ukraine getting a new President( thank you Victoria) but Metabiota was being invested in by Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden’s investment firm. Biden was already doing business there in Ukraine with Burisma, the energy company. This connection to Burisma led to some interesting emails between Devon Archer (isn’t he in jail for fraud?), Hunter Biden and Vadim Pozharskyi about the reestablishment of Metabiota in Ukraine. This could seem odd that a board member of an energy company would be discussing the acquisition of a company that does pathogen and viral detection around the world, but when you consider the governmental influence the energy sector has in Ukraine it paints a clearer picture. Just consider the image above, Rick Perry dead center, at the time this picture was taken he was the US Energy Secretary. Influence is influence. 

So in an email between Biden, Archer and Pozharskyi questions are raised about the potential role of Metabiota in Ukraine and the connection with the DOD Biological Threat Reduction Programs contractor Black & Veatch, which has a couple of $77 million a piece contracts over the last 15 years in Ukraine. 

So why does any of this matter? Because it does when you understand who the players are and what the game is. 

Metabiota (and its sister Global Viral) was founded by Nathan Wolfe. Nathan Wolfe has strong ties to just about every body at the center of the Covid 19 fiasco. He has been a an Editorial Board member with Ecohealth Alliance since 2004, Karen Saylor’s worked for Global Viral and Metabiota until establishing Labyrinth Global Health in 2019, the PREDICT consortium, was a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, etc. Here is an interesting summary of his work from an article in Brittanica about Wolfe, “He began pursuing ways to monitor, predict, and prevent animal-to-human transfer of viruses and conducted projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. In China he collaborated with scientists to investigate wet markets (food markets that sell live animals) as a source of zoonoses (diseases from wild animals).” YIKES. Wasn’t the official story from Wuhan that this was from a wet market? Is my memory correct? 

Look at that resume. Does anyone ever think it’s weird that Johns Hopkins had that sweet Covid dashboard on the ready from the word Go? Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I digress. So what is PREDICT? And who is involved? From the PREDICT website;

Ok then. 

Above is a more thorough list of collaborating efforts to stop??? pandemics. And below is a joint publication on Ecohealth’s website. 

So let’s bring it back to Metabiota and the reestablishment of its connection with the Threat Reduction Agencies contracts with Black & Veatch. And maybe you’re asking who the F cares about Labyrinth Global Health? I am getting there. So in 2014, Metabiota was granted an $18 million contract with DTRA, in September of that year they started their “Ukraine Research Projects.” 

They also did eventually reestablish their funding with Black & Veatch assuming those ties were ever severed as seen in a list of subcontracts. 

But also in this same subcontract there is something I have for many months found to be the most concerning, remember Labyrinth Global Health and the tangled web they have weaved with Ecohealth and Metabiota and China and One Health and Nathan Wolfe? Well….

Now, what the FFFFFF? Covid 19 wasn’t identified until December 9, 2019 in China, and at that point it was merely a pneumonia of unknown causes. So how in the world was Labyrinth Global granted a subcontract for a Subject Matter Expert Manuscript Documentation and Covid 19 Research in November of 2019. Maybe someone knows something we don’t. And how about Karen Saylor’s, a long time employee of Nathan Wolfe, being the CEO of the same company that wrote the manuscript? What about those UP-8 and UP-4 projects? That is a rabbit hole worth going down to also understand what these contractors are really doing overseas. 

Ok it’s Christmas Eve so I will wrap this up! Hunter Biden was doing business with Metabiota specifically in Ukraine and using his connection with Burisma to consider their presence and reach in Ukraine (and Pozharskyi was asking for the same in return in the US), Metabiota was founded by Nathan Wolfe, Nathan Wolfe has a long time connection to Ecohealth Alliance and the WEF and was the employer of Karen Saylor’s, who is heavily involved in the PREDICT consortium and possibly the author or employer of the author of the Covid 19 research manuscript in Ukraine before it was known to the public. So what gives? Anyone else curious why were are dumping so much money into Ukraine? Could there be any disastrous secrets that could cause great harm to the American politicians in the middle of this game? I don’t have the answer but the connections sure are hinky when you continue to see the same names over and over again. 

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