The Covid Files: Part 3

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do not like or respect Anthony Fauci. I was not overly familiar with him prior to early 2020, and those were the best 35 years of my life. The years after were pretty good too, despite his best efforts to destroy them. So really this is about his deceptive nature or his complete incompetence, you can decide. If you haven’t been paying attention to the information that is being gathered by U.S. Right to Know, you should, but I am going to be heavily relying on their success with FOIA requests. The needle they are threading will be absolutely explosive when the time comes. And for this, I tip my hat to their ongoing research. So Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Anthony Fauci and Wuhan. Crazy how the same names keep circulating around while they absolutely gaslight the public about their level of involvement. It is my opinion that this has been a story a long time in the making, but we will start in 2018 with a State Department cable discussing and almost forecasting what would happen in the near future.

If anyone wants to be completely not surprised, Peter Daszak sits on the Board of Directors for the Global Virome Project. And how about that? The next pandemic did come from China. If you take a moment to read over Daszak’s bio it states, “has advised the Director for Medical Preparedness Policy on the White House National Security Staff on global health issues.” AKA DARPA. Considering the level at which Daszak operates one would think that he would be very well known in the scientific community especially the community providing his research operation, Ecohealth Alliance, millions of dollars. But A. Fauci, that coy bastard, says he barely knows him? Weird.

Maybe he wouldn’t characterize him as an acquaintance, maybe he is a friend. Fauci is nothing if not a well-practiced wordsmith. Clearly he was well known to other National Institutes of Health employees, the NIH had a mutual interest in the development of coronavirus vaccines but the head of the NIAID at the NIH does not know one of the most cited coronavirus scientists in the world?? I am not buying it. And to further the point, you have a BSL 4 laboratory in the same place that the US is collaborating with China according to that 2018 cable, and our public health officials are not reaching out to the research agencies that are working in the same town just a few miles down the road? OK bruh.

Let me see if I understand this correctly, in January of 2020 talking points were being created on bat coronavirus’s in regards to Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric (we will get to him next time) as leading authorities on the subject but the head of the NIAID has no relationship or knowledge of the research and the researchers? In his recent deposition, Fauci claims that he was not aware of the institutes involvement in this research, meaning he was not aware of Ralph Baric as a known collaborator with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the money moving from Ecohealth, to Baric to WIV. I will expose why this is problematic in the next post. Still not passing the sniff test.


This presents to me only two options. 1. The NIH is so bloated and over funded that millions of dollars in grants can be easily overlooked or 2. He is lying. Why would he be so adamant in the early days that the “lab leak” theory was untrue if he was unaware of the research? If he was an innocent bystander of the infractions of Ecohealth Alliance, why work so diligently to not explore the possibility? If you want to refresh yourself on the frenzy around the initial lab leak theatrics Jeffrey Tucker has written an excellent retelling. And you can read Daszak’s and Fauci’s interaction here. But anyway,


They do make a handsome duo. So this picture is from 2016 at a conference hosted by Ecohealth Alliance with Fauci as the headline speaker, this is the same year that NIH staff was ringing the bell on Daszak’s proposal on bat coronavirus’s (virusi?). Here are the exchanges from the DailyCaller

This next email is significant in its own way because it refers to “language that I asked Ralph Baric to give me.” It seems like Baric gives alot of language to Ecohealth Alliance when developing government approved programs.

At this point Ecohealth was able to amend its letter to the NIAID to say “naw we ain’t doing anything shady,” but they were in fact being very shady. And the goons at the NIAID said ok we believe you.

The last email is the most interesting to me because at no point was the gain of function pause lifted. He also states that UNC, where Ralph Baric is employed, will have no oversight. Yet in the email above from January 27, 2020 it states that Baric is working directly with the WIV. Sus. This story could go on for days, but I just wanted to lay some groundwork on the collaborative cover up of some possible missteps (being generous) of our public health officials allowing very dangerous experiments that were apparently not being properly overseen by those writing the checks. Notice the grant number that keeps showing up in those emails from the NIH? What ever became of that? And what is gain of function? defines it like this (in 2019 before the government started covering its ass) “research that improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease.” If you get into the weeds about it, the Public Health Emergency department of the United States government has categorized gain of function as dual use research.

2 things! 1. This is year 5 of this research, so even though it began before the gain of function pause the research was not paused and the NIAID was receiving updates regularly about the progress, that’s what triggered the email exchanges above. The opening line clearly states “in year 5 we continued with in vivo infection experiments” 2. Notice “Specific Aim 3” is the same section that Jenny Greer at the NIH said sounded like Gain of Function……still sounds that way to me. And dual use? PHE defines it as “Dual use research of concern (DURC) is life sciences research that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, materiel, or national security.” So really it could be offensive or defensive, depending on the situation, thus dual use. Well anyway, until next time

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