The Covid Files: Part 5

You can’t spell mask without skam, amirite? Phonetically speaking. The lack of logic, reasoning and common sense around the use of masks was a series of infuriating events to witness. One of many. The most cited and outrageously idiotic was the masking policy given to restaurants. You may not enter a restaurant or walk to your seat sans mask but once you sit down you are free from the viral particles that float in the air. It turned 18 year old hostesses into mini Gustapo asking for your papers, and many were gladly to oblige this nonsensical rule. I once asked a young girl that was up in arms about my lack of mask, “would I be safer if my head were 1 foot lower?” A maskless group of individuals sitting merely inches apart in a packed downtown restaurant, yet I was the problem? OK. But my personal disappointment in the inability of the masses to process a logical thought aside, the facts and history should have strongly dictated any asks for the masks.

Masks are by definition a medical device, from the FDA “The FDA regulates face masks, including cloth face coverings, barrier face coverings, and surgical masks as medical devices when they are intended for a medical purpose. Medical purposes  include uses related to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.” So if a mask is a medical device how can anyone require you to wear one? They cannot. Masks are currently under the umbrella of “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) making them subject to the same legal limitations of the vaccines or any other medical products under EUA. 21 USC 360bbb-3, the law that the FDA and CDC want you to forget exists, specifically lists that devices must be treated the same as any other product under an EUA. But obviously that has not been the case, for non necessitous reasons I can see that people have chosen to put a mask on and go about their day. However, you have then created a divided society for those that maybe know both the law and have some common sense and they are being restricted from government buildings, grocery stores, restaurants for not employing the use of a MEDICAL DEVICE. Compare this to any other medical device, now think to yourself if that is reasonable? No. Add illegal to that list as well.

What was the justification for such an illegal requirement? Enter in ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD and let’s get this party started!! Occasionally the mask slips on this one. Heyoooo. In the early summer of 2020 the World Health Organization put out guidance that basically said “even if you are not sick you could be sick so wear a mask.” And that was the gospel. Then on June 8 Maria Van Kerkhove of the same organization admitted that “asymptomatic spread” was “RARE.” Since this was a break from the narrative that we must all be vectors of illness even when perfectly healthy, the clean up was swift. Despite studies that have been conducted over years showing that at best, “asymptomatic spread” is estimated at around 8% of infections. There are a lot of assumptions that need to be made when talking about symptoms. I will use myself as an example, I am kind of a snotty kid, so I could assume that my runny nose is unrelated and I would categorize myself as asymptomatic. See how subjective that can be? Pretty durn. So the science the WHO relied on was based on one case study of a German woman at a conference. Pretty thin science for a worldwide policy. This was actually debunked by the German government’s, Robert Koch Institute. But again another clean up job had to come along because muh narrative. This meltdown by Science paints a pretty good picture:

They admit the study was flawed but still maintain we must believe it. I hate these people. And how can you confirm that healthy people are sick? Flawed testing. I am not going to get into whether PCR tests are the gold standard or not, but what I will argue is a truth that is universally accepted. A PCR test with a high cycle threshold (CT), a CT of 35 or higher, is picking up dead virus that would not be infectious or properly culture into illness. If you do not believe me since I am NoT a DoCtOr, we can see what Dr. Fauci had to say. Here is a VIDEO of him saying what I just said. So if it is well known that these high CTs are picking up dead virus, were they being used in the tests? YES! And here is another interesting article reiterating that same point. The tests that were being distributed by various labs in the US and around the world were using CT values of 35-40. If you do not believe me, the laboratory testing standards are outlined here. Even the fact checkers were having a hard time with the logic when people started pointing out this very obvious flaw, to quote the American Council on Science and Health, “Identifying live virus diminished with the increasing cycles necessary for a positive PCR test. [1] A cycle number of 24 in one study and 34 in other studies were associated with no live virus being identified. As a generalization, PCR tests are considered positive at cycle values of 35. So even a PCR test is no guarantee of infectability.”

This flaw in the testing sensitivity became very inconvenient when all those vaccinated people that were promised aka lied to by everyone from the President to the Dr. Fauci to the director of the CDC Rochelle Walensky, that getting vaccinated is our “way out” and you will not get Covid. Fact Check: False. So instead of being honest brokers, the CDC issued now deleted guidance telling laboratories to reduce the CT value for vaccinated persons to 28! Wow. Good to see the CDC is so corrupt that when everyone, vaccinated or not, started testing positive they had to have category specific CTs depending on vaccination status. Why not just have that same lower CT standard from the get go? Oh nevermind, they were trying to pump up those numbers because it was convenient to continue the expansion of their agency and justify pandemic measures. If anyone has an alternate theory I am all ears.

What they now have done is tell everyone they are sick even when they are not, and since you have no symptoms you need to test anyway, but the test we are going to give you is so sensitive it will find dead virus. Everyone is now being tested, surveilled and contact traced? Well duh that will help them grease the numbers on asymptomatic spread. Good thing we know this so we can mask up! Keeping me and you safe, right? Going back to the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic, the CDC maintained the position that masking for community spread was not recommended. From guidance on H1N1, “In community and home settings, the use of facemasks and respirators generally are not recommended.  However, for certain circumstances as described in Table 1, a facemask or respirator may be considered, specifically for persons at increased risk of severe illness from influenza.”

They held this view until 2020 pretty much. Not only did they change years worth of recommendations, they deviated from the proper use of masks. Proper use is highly advised that if you come into contact with an infected persons you take certain precautions to prevent cross contamination from your mask. But nay, instead they wanted you to wear any piece of cloth over your face at all times, and you can re-use it over and over! How great is that science? But the science tells us that Covid 19 is actually an airborne virus, and according to the CDC scientists masks are not recommended for such conditions. Scientist were telling the WHO this in the summer of 2020, from a July 6 letter to the WHO from scientists at Harvard, that is like a really good school, “Mounting evidence suggests that tiny viral particles that linger in the air in indoor spaces are a significant source of coronavirus infection, according to 239 experts who wrote an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) urging the agency to issue appropriate warnings about the risks posed by the particles, known as aerosols.” But they decided not to use that information because it did not help make the case for masking the masses. It wasn’t until almost one year later the WHO finally admitted the virus was airborne, making the mask argument moot in my humble opinion. If you want a comparison. during the H1N1 2009 pandemic there was no mask recommendation for a disease spread by droplets and direct contact which is when a mask might actually have some added benefit, but masks were all the rage for an airborne virus? Absolutely not. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand things written by doctors, none of which support source control using your Paw Patrol print cloth mask to prevent airborne illness. I don’t know about you, but I don’t take a shower and pull on yesterday’s panties. Just sayin’.

Why does this matter? Because it is evident, based on the evidence, that masking was not based on any particular science that demonstrated efficacy. Seems par for the course really. Not to jump to any conclusions, but let’s just explore a theory. Psychology Today has an article titled “The Five Steps of Dehumanization,” which I will allow you to draw your own parallels if you see fit.

  1. Hinting at the subpar intelligence or morality of a group
  2. The use of infestation analogies
  3. References and comparisons to animals
  4. Threats of violence
  5. The removal of the group from society

Ok you get the point. Never forget this attempt to divide, to distance and to create a physical and visceral reaction to your fellow man. And never forget people like Mark Bashaw that literally laid it down for everyone, and stood up to one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

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1 year ago

A possible reason for lowering the CT for the vax’d:
their viral loads are higher, so they dont need as much CT to find it. Still, PCR is flawed and a CT of 28 may as well be background noise.

The asymptomatic spread is so dubious, but everyone bought it. Moreover, if the shot actually worked (it doesnt), the only viral spread it prevents is the asymptomatic kind. Because if you had symptoms, you stayed home, shot or no shot.

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