Army quietly approves COVID vaccine exemptions after DoDIG Memo goes public

I received a message from a friend on September 16 who told me “everyday I check MEDPROS. Today I discovered a 1-year AT exemption for the jab…” With that message he sent this screenshot of his MEDPROS. This is a picture showing he has an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine until September 12, 2023.

To understand the significance of this, you need to know two things. First, for a whole year, the Army hasn’t granted any exemptions or accommodations for anyone other than a few soldiers who were already getting out of the service. Second, it wasn’t until we released an article on September 13, which detailed a memo sent by the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG) to the Secretary of Defense with his concerns of illegal activity in the DOD, that exemptions started showing up as approved in MEDPROS.

Thinking this might be a fluke, I asked other soldiers to check their MEDPROS and send me screenshots if they had approved exemptions. Sure enough, MEDPROS was populated all over the force with exemptions showing random dates.

After an entire year of either ignoring, or flat out denying religious accommodations, the Army suddenly started approving them in mass. However, no one was notified. They not only did it without any fanfare or publicity, but they applied random dates in what I can only speculate is an attempt to make the records look as if they’ve been approved for some time. I’ve already highlighted the DOD’s impeccable record keeping.

However, in their hurried state to approve exemptions on soldier’s records, they botched the coding. The exception column has “Admin Temporary” (AT), but the expiration date column has 2023 for the year of expiration in many of the exemptions. The issue with that is AT exemptions can only be 90 days by regulation.

A copy of the regulations pertaining to admin exemption codes

Once again, the Army (DOD) has been caught breaking the law, fumbled to make it look like they didn’t break the law, and have succeeded in making themselves look more culpable than when they started. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we did nothing in Afghanistan for twenty years with the leadership we have running the show.

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  1. I’ll be sure to check and leave an update on my own situation. My RA was submitted by my company in July of 21 but the base chaplain fell ill and I was told in January that I had to resubmit the whole packet. Since then I have completely ignored it and just kept my LinkedIn and ClearanceJobs accounts well oiled. I made 18 years active this month and old joe said the other day that the panbemic was over.

  2. This is not proof of an approved RA. The guard put out a Q&A that I posted on the board a few months a go explaining that anyone with at pending RA must be coded Admin Temp in medpros. They are also created an ETP to waive the 90 day time period because the exemption process is taking so long.