Sailors aboard the USS Nimitz become ill after JP5 contaminates the fresh water supply

The USS Nimitz is currently docked in San Diego after JP5 leaked into the water on board and forced the crew to take emergency measures. It’s estimated that sometime around 5:00pm on Saturday, September 17, JP5 contaminated the showers and drinking water. However, the crew of the Nimitz wasn’t notified until around 11:00 that night; almost six hours later.

According to members of the crew, numerous sailors are sick due to ingesting and bathing in the fuel. JP5, or jet propellant-5, is a kerosene-based fuel used in military aircraft. The crew claimed they could tell the water had been contaminated fairly quickly due to the extreme smell, but it was already too late because the sailors had been showering in it.

Sign posted in the head on the USS Nimitz

Though we haven’t been able to confirm, members of the crew claimed that multiple sailors incurred chemical burns/rashes from showering in the contaminated water.

The Nimitz is currently hooked up to city water, but the water is still unusable due to the waste tanks being full of JP5 after attempting to flush out the pipes. The crew have been showering at hotels, on a barge set up specifically for them to shower, and using water bottles to shower.

The USS Nimitz is currently on its last legs according to former and current members of the crew. In 2021, the Nimitz was identified as one of 14 total ships set to be recycled over the next five years. However, in April of this year, the Navy changed it’s mind and slated the Nimitz for decommissioning in 2027 instead.

I was on that piece of shit for five years. Everything is falling apart. The JP5 pipes were so loud when fuel was pumping that I couldn’t hear myself scream in my own rack (pipe ran through berthing).

Former sailor who served aboard the Nimitz

This is a developing story and we’ll continue to update you as we gather more information.

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