Naval Inspector General continuing to cover up federal crimes?

Yesterday the Office of the Naval Inspector General (NAV IG) contacted Commander Rob Green to request an interview with him about recent complaints he filed. The interview request comes after Commander Green filed a 26 August 2022 complaint detailing the UCMJ violations committed by the Naval Inspector General himself, Vice Admiral John Fuller, in dismissing and appearing to cover up credible complaints of federal crimes committed by other Senior Navy Officials.

Commander Green’s original complaints against Admiral Christopher Grady, Vice Admiral John Nowell, Vice Admiral James Kilby, and Rear Admiral Joseph DiGuardo were dismissed and not investigated despite the credible nature of the allegations. The allegations against all four admirals have been proven via extensively documented whistleblower reports submitted to Congress. The allegations against Vice Admiral Nowell, specifically, have even been confirmed in multiple federal courts including the Supreme Court. These Senior Navy Officials and others did not even follow military regulations in how they routed and reviewed the complaints, which prompted Commander Green to file additional internal complaints on 30 August 2022. All of these complaints, until today, have been ignored or dismissed.

On September 13th, we broke the story that Secretary of Defense Austin ignored, for 3 months, a memorandum from the DoD Inspector General (DoD IG) in which the DoD IG alerted Secretary Austin to the very violations that Commander Green had brought to their attention last year. It was not until the DoD IG memo was made public that the Naval Inspector General’s office decided to take action on any of Commander Green’s complaints.

Both the timing of NAV IG response and the manner in which they are contacting Commander Green is highly questionable. In a matter of about one hour, an investigator from the NAV IG called Commander Green twice (while he was in a secure space without his phone), sent him a text message, and then followed up with an email. After ignoring Commander Green for nearly 10 months, the onslaught of contact attempts, following the public revelation of their own violations, appear to be harassing in nature.

The extreme interest that the Office of the Naval Inspector General now seems to be paying to Commander Green raises other very serious questions:

  • First, is the Office of the Naval Inspector General investigating the complaint against the Naval Inspector General, VADM John Fuller? Is this not an extreme conflict of interest?
  • If the Office of the Naval Inspector General is not investigating the credible (and since proven) violations committed by Admiral Grady, Vice Admiral Nowell, Vice Admiral Kilby, and Rear Admiral DiGuardo, nor the cover-up committed by Vice Admiral Fuller, why bother investigating the review and routing violations committed by these same Admirals?
  • Why is the DoD IG not assuming responsibility for the investigation of Vice Admiral Fuller for covering up federal crimes?
  • Finally, why does the Office of the Naval Inspector General seem so desperate to talk to Commander Green when they already have nearly 300 pages of evidence and documentation from him, some of which they have had for 10 months, that they have not acted upon?

The Office of the Naval Inspector General and the Office of the DoD Inspector General have a massive credibility crisis on their hands. It has become obvious that they cannot be trusted to investigate the crimes committed by Senior Department of Defense Officials. They have lost all credibility with the American People, and they won’t gain it back by harassing whistleblowers or investigating minor violations while ignoring very serious federal crimes. Until these offices take their oaths seriously and regain trust with the American people, they will remain irrelevant. It has been left to grass roots efforts made by officers like Commander Green to seek a solution in the absence of credible and relevant Inspector Generals.

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1 year ago

There’s nothing the Navy hates more than bad press. Literally nothing.

1 year ago

Except when you spit Copenhagen on their flight deck…. They really hate that too😂

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