Is the DOD incapable of managing their systems, or are they lying to Congress and America?

During the middle of the summer, the DOD started attracting a lot of attention from the media and Congress for the tentative numbers of servicemembers who were on the chopping block for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. This article from Breitbart, which was published on July 13, stated “more than 260,000 troops not fully vaccinated, many face discharge under Biden Administration Mandate.”

This trend continued to climb over the next month as the DOD took a shellacking from every direction. Liberal pundits who eagerly championed the vaccine, yet were nonetheless shocked about the possibility of hundreds of thousands of servicemembers being kicked out, helped add fuel to the fire which is the DOD’s burgeoning national security crisis.

So how did the DOD fix their problem? They simply fixed the numbers. Below you can see the numbers of fully vaccinated in the DOD by branch dated May 11, 2022.

And now you can see the numbers of partially vaccinated which is dated August 24, 2022.

The vaccine mandate was issued by the Secretary of Defense on August 23, 2021. Am I supposed to believe that 316,386 troops suddenly got vaccinated between May and August after they’d been refusing to take the vaccine and already had their careers threatened? They held out from August 2021 until May of 2022 (nine months), then suddenly saw the light and got vaccinated over the summer?

Or was it because the DOD’s inability to recruit new personnel in 2022 is the worst that it’s been since the all volunteer force took effect in 1973 and Congress and the media were beating them up for potentially crippling national security by kicking out hundreds of thousands more?

Here’s the DOD’s answer for the numbers.

The DOD simply claimed it was a numbers error and “reconciliation of data systems.” Oh, ok. Where have we seen them fixing the numbers before?

Remember when the DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) numbers were released by whistleblowers to Senator Johnson, which showed a skyrocketing number of adverse medical events in the DOD for 2021, only for the media to immediately fact check the information and state that it was a glitch in the database according to the DOD?

Or how about servicemember’s medical records continuously flip flopping and showing a different vaccine they had been given based on which lawsuit they were fighting in a given month?

We’re either dealing with the most incompetent data management officials in the history of western medicine, or the DOD is lying to Congress and responding to the current political climate by altering the numbers as they see fit. But don’t take my word for it.

I’ve received dozens of messages similar to this with servicemembers stating they never received the COVID vaccine, but their medical records show they did. Lucky few, or lucky few hundred thousand?

If you didn’t want to blink and appear weak on the national stage (SECDEF and DOD), but you also didn’t want to have to answer for the discharge of hundreds of thousands of troops who called your bluff and still refused the vaccine, how would you do it? I think if I was of the same moral fiber our current leadership is, I would do it exactly like this.

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1 year ago

Thanks for posting this. As I’m combing through various documents I am finding more and more discrepancies.

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