“We’re still working on getting your family members out of Afghanistan” *cough* sike…

The DOD put out a memorandum on November 4 detailing the ongoing efforts to evacuate the family members of DOD personnel from Afghanistan where they stated:

DoD recognizes that these extended family members also have a connection to the United States; we will continue to assist State/CARE as they develop mechanisms that may facilitate the safe departures for such individuals from Afghanistan in the future.

They went on to give instructions on how people who fit this criteria could contact the pentagon and get assistance getting their family members out.

There’s just one problem: they’re denying every single request they get for assistance. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby gave the following answer to a reporter’s question on November 15:

Q:  Thank you, John.  I have one question on Afghanistan and one on Iran.  On Afghanistan do you have any update on the — memo about immediate family members of U.S.  service members?

MR. KIRBY:  I think what I can tell you is since that memo, about 60 service members have come forward and expressed concerns about family members in Afghanistan.

Q:  And did you — were you able to verify that the numbers or evacuate any immediate family numbers?

MR. KIRBY:  I’m not. Thus far of the ones that have been studied and review, they are not eligible for parole status.

It’s entirely possible all of the requests did not fit the criteria of what they were asking for. However, label me a skeptic since we know for a fact people have been trying to get out for years and were continuously denied by the state department. Also, having first hand proof of Americans being denied access at HKIA, it’d be a hard sell to convince me the DOD or State DPT was doing everything they could to get our folks home.

The government got away with literal murder in the abortion we called the Afghan withdrawal, and it’s because the media refused to investigate or report on what was taking place behind the scenes. The DOD is quite aware they can release memos like this and no one will hold them accountable, because they do it over and over again and continue to get the same result. I’ll make sure I can highlight this stuff when I can. Maybe a few more independent idiots like myself will be the turning point in accountability we’re owed.

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Will keller
Will keller
2 years ago

Until these politicians in uniform are gone. I won’t allow my kids to serve.

Reply to  Will keller
2 years ago


Joe Gorgacz
Joe Gorgacz
Reply to  Will keller
2 years ago

That’s the growing trend.

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